Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday, October 31 -

Tom reports that they had at least 80 trick or treaters tonight, but that he was ready for them! Margaret did not do much today, considering the fact that this was the first day in over a month she was actually in her home with her husband. The phone apparently rang off the hook all day. Agencies, home health providers, doctors, nurses -- all calling to make arrangements for Margaret and to make appointments for coming to the house to deliver supplies and check on her.

Margaret has a bed set up downstairs and reports that it is comfortable. She said that it was wonderful to wake up this morning in her own house surrounded by her stuff and in the company of her husband. Exercise was not a priority on the agenda today for her. She mainly sat in her chair and only walked when she needed the restroom. However, her plan tomorrow will be notably different as she plans to walk and exercise. A physical therapist will also be visiting her at home twice a week. In other words, it doesn't sound as if she is going to "get out of" anything!! Hard work is still to come! Go, Margaret!!

A home health care professional ordered by her doctor came to the house today to check in on Margaret. One of her lungs is still not 100%, but time, oxygen, and breathing treatments will remedy that situation soon. She will go see the oncologist this Friday to see what he has to say. She also got in touch tonight with a reccommended Tennessee oncologist. They had a good conversation and Margaret feels comfortable with the new doctor's ideas and suggestions. Friday will see all of her records and information being sent to the new doctor in TN.

Tom will visit his neurologist next Tuesday, and Margaret will accompany him. Hopefully, that will be a good visit, as well.

Simply put, Tom and Margaret are together again. Tom is slept very well for the first time in a month last night, and he was able to take a couple of good naps during the day today. He reports that he will sleep even better tonight. They are both very slowly, yet methodically, easing back into a routine. This is very good news. Tom needs to sleep!!

Understand, please that Tom and Margaret's lives have been irreversbily changed over the past month, and they still have miles to go. However, it feels as if the toughest part of the journey is behind them now. We need to remain in prayer for these precious folks - prayers that yearn for encouragement, discernment, hope, peace, and especially healing. Write, call, and visit!! More tomorrow . . . .

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Toni Horvath said...

Margaret, I'm so glad to hear that you are back home with Tom. I have kept you in prayer. We are just back from a 10 day vacation and Skip was sick most of it and still is. So I don't want to come close and pass anything on. You are dear in my heart my friend. Keep up the healing work. God Be with You. Love and Hugs, Toni