Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday, October 10

Just another first person post to wish you all a good night from me and Elsie.

Elsie is the miraculous personal care assistant sent to us from Kelly Care. My dad has long needed someone to stay to watch out for him overnight, if only so that anyone else in the house can rest.

So now, I sit next to Elsie. She is a home health worker who is from - I kid you not - from Mississippi.

She and Daddy have a lot to talk about, and all of the sudden, something that can feel invasive and foreign, somehow feels - familiar.

Good night, all. I'm going to sleep. Say good night prayers that Daddy will get rest too.



Jerri Meier said...

What a relief to have Elsie from Mississippi--God is so good! Hope you had a great nights sleep, Marty, and many more.

Laura Callaghan said...

What a blessing and not an accident! Thanks so much for having this blog to keep us updated. You all are in our prayers!

Dean & Kathy Bailey said...

Please tell our beloved Margaret and Tom that our prayers are with them. Dalton has asked his 7th grade class to prayer for you Margaret. He thinks so highly of you. We all miss you terribly but know you are in good hands. May the Lord bless you and keep you...Dean and Kathy Bailey, Dalton and Tyler