Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday, October 15 -

What a day! Margaret is in spectacular shape considering where she has been. Tom and Tommy arrived at the hospital around 11 a.m. Margaret was awake and very alert. The doctor arrived and checked her out and reported that she looked very well. He emphasized to her that if she wants to get out of the hospital sooner rather than later, she would need to work harder. This means that she needs to continue to eat well and cowboy up to her physical therapy! Margaret is anxious to take the next step - being released to the Skilled Nursing Facility - and the doctor basically indicated to her that this move was in her hands. She needs more strength and she needs to agree to more extensive therapy in order to leave the hospital.

The physical therapist arrived a few minutes before lunch, and she asked Margaret if she would be willing to combine therapy with lunch. The idea was that she would sit on the edge of the bed and sit up while she ate her lunch. It sounded like a fantastic idea until Margaret, heeding the words of the doctor, decided to take it one step further! Margaret insisted on trying to stand up by herself before eating on the side of the bed. The therapist enthusiastically agreed, and soon, Margaret was standing with the assistance of the therapist. She wobbled and swayed, however she was standing on her own! When she finally sat back down, the exhaustion was overwhelming, and in a flash, the idea of sitting on the edge of the bed to eat was a distant memory! Margaret's oxygen saturation level was measured after she had been standing, and it had fallen to around 87%. However, after lunch, approximately 2 hours, her level was measured again, and it was back to 94%. By the time Tom and Tommy left the hospital around 4 p.m. it was back to 97% and threatening to climb to 98%.

Margaret is determined to get home. She reflected today on her mother who broke her hip at the age of 93. Her mother was told that she would never go home again. However, Honey, as her friends fondly new her, was determined that she would see home again. And in fact, she did make it back home again. This memory of her mother has inspired Margaret to fight and make it back home to her husband.

The news continues to be very encouraging for Margaret. Tom, on the other hand, is struggling immensely. He misses Margaret very much and would move heaven and earth to be able to make things better for her. In the meantime, he continues to fight his home health care, and insists that he does not need any help. Tommy and Marty continue to bear the blame and the responsibility of this decision, and so far, they stand strong!! Your prayers are coveted!

Doctors say that Margaret will more than likely be discharged to Manor Care, a skilled nursing facility, for physical and occupational therapy, early in the week. It could be tomorrow, or it could be Tuesday, or even Wednesday. Regardless, her release from the hospital will not be soon enough for Margaret. She is ready to finish up strong, move back home, and travel to Tennessee to spoil grandchildren.

There will be more tomorrow as Margaret continues to improve. Please stay tuned, and thank you so much for your kind thoughts and sincere prayers!

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