Friday, October 20, 2006

October 19th-

Prayers will be coveted today for Tom and Margaret. Tommy 3 leaves tomorrow morning, and they will be alone without family for the first time in 2 weeks. Please don't question their resolve, however! It is just easier to endure a crisis or an uncomfortable situation when immediate family are close by.

Today, Margaret made progress in leaps and bounds. She got fully dressed today, as opposed to hanging out in a nightgown and robe. She walked 45 feet twice today during physical therapy, and her oxygen saturation level rebounded well within minutes of her exercise.

Margaret has been wishing for the magic button that exists in all of our minds. You know, the button that once pressed instantly fixes all problems and overcomes all obstacles in a flash? Realistically speaking, however, Margaret knows that such a button does not exist. And therefore she must rely on faith - a faith that defies all odds. She must rely on the same type of faith exhibited by Abraham when he climbed that mountain with his son. Abraham believed that once he arrived at the top of the mountain, he would be forced to kill his son of promise, in the guise of a sacrafice. Abraham's unrelenting faithfulness led to the ultimate salvation of his son, Isaac.

God instructed Abraham with no explanations but with the expectation of obedience. He submissively obeyed and was ultimately rewarded. God has put Margaret and Tom into a similar complicated situation with no explanations. Margaret and Tom are responding with the same resolve as Abraham. God knows best, and they, just like Abraham must blindly trust in the fact that God is not only just good, but that he continues to be in control and ontop of the situation at hand.

Keep the prayers coming! More tomorrow evening! Peace out, girlscouts!!

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