Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tom and Margaret's new address:

49 Bethany Drive
Jackson, TN 38301

No new phone number yet!
Wednesday, November 29th -

Thanks to my substitute blogger who realized that nothing had been posted for a while. It is true that since Thanksgiving day things in Jackson have been very busy.

The flight went well Thursday - in fact, it arrived fifteen minutes early. Tom and Margaret were whisked to Jackson from Memphis and got settled in at Tommy and Elizabeth's. Thanksgiving dinner was good, and the grandparents have been enjoying playing with the grandkids again.

Tom was ready to go to church Sunday morning, but Margaret was not emotionally ready to go to church just yet, so Tom stayed behind with her. 1st Pres Jackson nevertheless is at the ready to jump in and help Tom and Margaret as they begin to get settled. As mentioned many times before on this blog, the move has been bittersweet - sweet because they are near family - bitter for the neccessity of the move and the friends left behind.

The furniture is . . . . somewhere in Texas? It is a mystery. The truck was supposed to arrive Tuesday. The movers called and said they couldn't make it. The truck was then supposed to arrive today. The movers called Tommy's cell phone and mentioned something about their truck breaking down. The truck is supposed to come tomorrow (30th). It probably won't make it. West Tennessee is supposed to get bad weather tomorrow - thunderstorms. Midday, the temperature is supposed to plummet. Snow and sleet is expected by Thursday evening and into Friday. Hopefully the truck will arrive sometime before 2007! Tom and Margaret are troopers, though, and despite their frustration, they are hanging tough.

The oncologist visit did go very well. Both Tom and Margaret were pleased with the new doc. She will go back to Corinth, MS this coming Monday for a five hour infusion of chemo. Tommy will drive them both to the appointment. On the doctor's front for Tom, both Tommy and Margaret are trying to get him in to see a neurologist in Jackson. They are a reputable group, but getting in to see them is proving to be a little more difficult than desired!

Overall, the move has been good. Margaret is still a bit uneasy and perhaps sad that she had to move from Fair Oaks. She honestly doesn't feel that she was done there yet. She won't come out and say she feels cheated, but our prayers should center around Margaret's acceptance of God's desires for her life. Tom, on the other hand, is relaxed and excited to be "home." He is concerned about the furniture and Margaret's health, but watching him holding little Meredith, and seeing him trying to get out of the way of Drew blowing through a room, confirms the fact that he is truly happy.

The faithful nomad, Abraham, traveled the majority of his adult life following the will of God. He was to receive a promise and blessing from God if he only remained faithful. He would become the father of many nations and the Lord God would never leave him and would always remain faithful and protect Abraham and his family. At the end of his long, stressful, and tiring life, Abraham knew that he had been faithful to God. God DID bless him. God DID bestow upon him that promise, and the scriptures tell us in Genesis that Abraham, in his old age, finally died a good death. His mind was clear. He knew that God had done everything that he had promised. He knew that ALL of his loved ones were taken care of. He ultimately knew that God had been, was, and would continue to be good.

Perhaps it is true that Tom and Margaret are nearing the end of their God-directed journey here in Tennessee. Just like Abraham, may their minds be clear, may God fulfill his promises to them, and may the rest of us, their family, rest in the comfort that we, too will be cared for. And may we be also encouraged to follow in Tom and Margaret's footsteps of faith inspired by our truly good and faithful heavenly Father!

Updates on the truck and snow tomorrow evening! Grace and peace to you all!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday, November 28-

It has been extremely busy in West Tennessee lately. Tom and Margaret flew into Memphis around 4 p.m. Thanksgiving Day with no trouble. They were brought to Jackson, TN forthwith and ate a small soup dinner and went to bed. The following day, they went to see (IN PERSON) the house they had bought. Both were pleased, by the way! That Friday aftenoon, they had Thanksgiving Dinner. Since their arrival, they both have just been hanging out, relaxing, and enjoying their grandchildren.

Margaret went to see her new oncologist Monday, and she was pleased. He is a nice man, who Margaret said, was "trustworthy." Tom liked him, too. This is good news. If all goes according to plan, Margaret will take her next round of chemo, this coming Monday. She's a strong woman!

The furniture movers called tonight to report that they would be a day late delivering the goods to Jackson. This is frustrating for Tom and Margaret to be sure, but they are hanging tough! More blogs will be coming despite the lack of them lately. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday, November 21st -

(Okay, seriously it is Wednesday, November 22nd . . . barely . . . )

"He's not real, sis. Really! He's not!"
"Shut up! Yes he is! Mom and Dad swears he is!"
"Whatever, stupid baby. Believe what you want. Maybe Santa will come back this morning to change your diaper!"
"Shhhhhhh! Be quiet! Whaddaya want? You want mom and dad to hear you and come up here or something?"
"Take it back!"
"I said take it back! Do it, or I'll scream again!"
"Okay, okay! You don't wear diapers."
"WAIT! Shhhhh! Keep it down, sis! Are you trying to get us in trouble before we get to go down to open presents?"
"No, TAKE - IT - BACK!"
"What? C'mon! I said you didn't wear diapers!"
"No. Take it back about Santa."
"Santa!! You said that Santa wasn't real! take - iT - BACK!"
"Alright, already, sis! Enough! He's real! Santa is real, and he probably brought us some cool stuff last night. Happy, now?"
"Santa IS real, and he is going to make this the best Christmas EVER! Santa will NOT let us down! He promised, and Santa doesn't break promises!"
"Okay, sis. You're right. It's gonna be great; I'm sorry, okay? Just keep quiet!"

As it turned out, materialistically, it WAS the best Christmas those two kids had experienced to date! Practically everything they had asked Santa for had been presented to them beneath the Christmas tree that morning. Christmas breakfast was divine, and that afternoon at grandma's, a Christmas dinner was served that could never be equaled!

After a long Christmas day filled with excitment, playing, eating, and playing some more, those two kids who began the day arguing about the reality of Santa, were driven home by their exhausted parents. Upon arriving home, they were sent upstairs to get ready for bed - a familiar Christmas day's end routine - resisted, and yet oddly relieving. After all, they too were exhausted, and they would need their energy the next day to play with all their new toys! Resistance and arguements concerning bedtime really would be merely symmantics this night!

The brother and sister changed into theri pj's and brushed their teeth. They both went to their rooms, turned down their beds, and waited for their parents to come upstairs to give them the all familiar, anti-climatic, "this year's Christmas is over" night's tuck-in. Excitement still surged through their veins, their minds were still preoccupied with the Christmas day's haul, their hearts were a little heavy that Christmas had come, was slipping away, and would not come again for another year. Sleep would not come easy, but (unbeknowst to them), would overtake them more swiftly than it had the night before! They both waited for mom and dad. Several minutes passed. Their parents must have been taking care of some last minute business downstairs. Maybe putting away leftovers from grandama's house? Still the kids waited. No mom and dad. Odd. They always tucked their kids in at night. What was wrong?

And then it happened.

Dad called upstairs for the kids. He asked them to come downstairs for a minute. Brother and sister, elated that bedtime had been delayed, scurried downstairs as fast as they could. Perhaps they had found another gift that Santa had cleverly hidden behind a couch in the living room! Upon arriving downstairs, the kids found their parents sitting somberly in the living room. The serious looks that overwhelmed the countenances of their parent's faces trumped the children's excited looks of anticipation. As instructed, the children sat down at their parent's feet. Both brother and sister were baffled. Suddenly, they realized that their mother had been crying. After this revelation, they immediately realized that their father had that "concerned" look on his face. At that very moment, the happy turned worried children gave their undivided attention to their father.

With a deep breath, a quick glance at his wife whose bowed head prevented her from seeing his gesture, and a long sigh, the father spoke to his children . . . .

Mom had breast cancer and would be going into the hospital the following morning.


Years later, as I sit up (waaaaaaay too late) typing this blog, I am reflecting on several things about that surreal Christmas day in Jackson, MS. #1: my sister's insistence and blind faith that an unseen and intangible being in whom she had total faith was real. #2: my parent's resolve to give their kids a wonderful Christmas despite the frightening reality of what lay ahead of them the very next day. #3: my father's stoicism and determination to maintain control despite the obvious fear that was permeating his very being. And most obviously (to me at the time), #4: my mother's ability to remain hopeful, calm, and reassuring to her family in the face of her fear, uncertainty, anger, and desperation.

History, they say, repeats itself. They also say that time can change one's perspective. 25 years later, I can confirm "their"assumptions. I can also say that we all can draw from Tom and Margaret's history as we grasp for straws of hope in light of their current situation. Just as sure as my sister proclaimed Santa's authenticity, we all must believe that God is real. However, there are definite times that we struggle with doubt concerning that Biblical certainty. Despite our doubts, though, God remains. God is.

And because Tom and Margaret hold fast to God's certainty, they continue to live their lives as witnesses to his reality, love, and mercy. In doing so, they give the rest of us hope as we all try to digest the reality of their current situation.

Tom's stoicism (or stubborness :-) ) remains strong. Why? Because he continues to embrace the role of the spiritual leader in his house that he did when he married Margaret years ago. Yes, unfortunately, his cognitive impairment increases with each passing day, but he still faithfully clings to his God given role as husband and father.

And finally, Margaret's hope. The hope that enabled her to give her children a Christmas on the eve of her breast cancer operation. The hope that enabled her to survive that cancer to raise a family and send them out into the world. The hope that enabled her to accept God's call into ordained ministry. The hope that led her to the west coast in answering God's next call into ministry. The hope that guided her through her next bought with cancer. The hope that gives her strength to care for her ailing husband. The hope that gives her the courage to fight through cancer a cruel and third time. The hope that has empowered her to uproot her fragile life at the age of 66 to move back across the country to a new and strange place. The hope that comes only from her Lord and Savior, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Reflections can sometimes be hard. They can also be . . . . hopeful.

The movers packed their house today, by the way. Everything is on schedule.

good night, all.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday, November 18th -

Last evening some friends came by to pick up Margaret and Tom to go out to eat. They celebrated Margaret's birthday. (Sorry. Current age not available due to the bloggers desire to live)! According to Margaret, a good time was had by all.

Although the bloggings have been recently light, more blogging in the weeks to come will be expected as Tom and Margaret will be in Tennessee with more significant happenings occurring more often!! Please stay tuned as we plan to continue to keep all of you informed of the happenings in the lives of Tom and Margaret as they settle into their new lives in West Tennessee.

As mentioned recently, tomorrow will be a very trying day for Tom and Margaret. Sunday, November 19th, @ the 9:30 a.m. worship service at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church, Margaret will be addressing the congregation and delivering the pastoral prayer. There will be a low-keyed reception for the Suttles following the worship service. This essentially is Tom and Margaret's opportunity to say goodbye to their dear, special, friends at Fair Oaks. If you are able to read this post in time, please offer prayers of support, strength, courage, and words for Margaret as she will be placed in a pretty difficult public speaking situation. There is no doubt that she will do a fabulous job, and yet, the occasion will be quite stressful on both her and Tom. Prayers never hurt!!

Prior to Jesus' departure from this earth, physically taking him away from family and friends, Jesus gave the disciples the Great Commission. He said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with always, to the end of the age." In other words, Jesus was instructing the disciples to carry on. "Don't stand here with your mouths hanging wide open watching me ascend frantically asking yourselves, 'Oh no! What do we do now?' Keep up the good work. Continue to glorify my Father. Continue to learn from my example and live accordingly."

He was telling his disciples that everything was going to be okay, because he would always be with them. No, none of the disciples understood why Jesus had to go (even though he had told them countless times). Yes, in the minds of the disciples, his ascension was premature, and perhaps not even fair. No, they at that moment, didn't know what they would do without Jesus around. In fact, several of them probably suggested that without Jesus present, they should just go back into hiding!

This parallel is appropriate. Certainly no one is suggesting that Margaret is Jesus! However, her witness in California has been Christ-like. Her realationship with her husband, Tom has been Christ-centered. And, perhaps most importantly, Margaret and Tom both, have tried their best to live their lives in Mississippi and California and will eventually live their lives in Tennessee according to those powerful words that Jesus Christ spoke before returning to his heavenly Father. Margaret and Tom boldy embrace the Great Commission; Margaret and Tom will continue to embrace the Great Commission, and all of us should take their lead, despite the mixed emotions we all might feel as the result of their, health, relocation, and unknown future.

Remember the words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, ". . . . remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age." Thank God for that assurance! This is the very same assurance to which Margaret and Tom hold dearly. Likewise, may our hearts, ears, and eyes remain open - amen!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday, November 14th -

There is more news to report tonight. First of all, for all of you who check the blog each day for new information, please accept the sincerest of apologies for the sudden absence of everyday posts! Since Margaret has been home, progress reports have been slow in arriving. This doesn't mean that she is not improving, it merely means that her improvement has been slow, steady, and almost non-eventful (praise God)! Rather than reporting the same news over and over again each night, the decision has been made to post when significant events have taken place, rather than redundantly post each night!

An aforementioned post reported that Margaret and Tom will be officially leaving California Thanksgiving day. In the meantime, they have been busy, busy, busy with all the logistics involved with such a large move. With monumental assistance from their Fair Oaks PCUSA family, Tom and Margaret have managed to pack many boxes. They have a solid plan in place to welcome the official movers November 20th. They will come in and begin packing the remainder of the house. Tom and Margaret will spend their last night together in their California home that night. The following day, once the packing is finished and the actual loading of the truck begins, Tom and Margaret will have suitcases packed and will move in with friends until it is time to go the airport.

An exciting event will take place before the 20th, however. On Sunday, November 19th, Margaret and Tom will attend the 9:30 a.m. worship service at Fair Oaks. Margaret will address the congregation and then give her final pastoral prayer. Following the service, Tom and Margaret will receive well wishers. Make no mistake, this will be a VERY difficult morning for Margaret. This essentially will be an offical goodbye to the flock that she has loved, nurtured, and lived with since her first call as an ordained Presbyterian minister. In many regards, Margaret and Tom both feel as if they are being prematurely pulled out of California. Conversely, they both understand that God has made his will clear - it is time for them to come home. Friends, please be in prayer the morning of the 19th. Margaret is a strong woman who has been blessed by God with the ability to deliver the spoken word, and yet, this last time before her congregation will be very difficult. Emotions will cover the entire spectrum, to be sure. Please pray for her peace of mind, please pray for her words, please pray for her resolve to remain strong before her congregation, and please pray for her willingness to succumb to the emotions she will be feeling regardless.

If we were to regard the happenings over the past year as a narrative, the reoccuring motif in the lives of Tom and Margaret would have to be the strong sense of hope to which they have so valiantly clung. There have been instances of desparation, doubt, and gloom along the way, but these negative feelings are miniscule when compared to the hope that has governed their lives. Hope that comes only from God their Father, their Lord, Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit enriched, enhanced, and brought to life through their relationships with ALL of their friends and family.

Tom and Margaret, for the most part, have been private people their entire married lives. Not because they have skeletons in their closet, but because their life-long philosophy has always been to put others first. Both Tom and Margaret have embodied selflessness and have lived their lives according to the servant mentality preached by Jesus Christ in the gospels. This servant minded style of life is made possible only through genuine hope in the promises of God, and the sacrifices that he often requires.

Sacrifice. Hope. Promise. Psalm 62:5 & 6 - For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. There are many things that have shaken us as we have watched the things that Margaret and Tom have had to endure over the past few years. And yet, have we been truly paying attention to them? Have we learned anything from their witness? Have we been paying attention to their faith, their attitudes, their actions? Even as they have been going through hell, they have kept their heads held high, their faith has not wavered, and they have resolved to maintain hope.

God alone has been their rock and salvation; their fortess. May those of us who love them dearly be not shaken either. Amen and amen!

More to follow . . . . !

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday, November 11 -

It has been several days since the last post. Apologies are coveted, however the reason there have not been any posts recently is due to the fact that there has not been anything post-worthy to report. Tom and Margaret have been at home packing boxes waiting for news to arrive. News concerning their impending move, news concerning Tom's health update, news concerning Margaret's health update and ability to travel. In other words, we have all been treading water waiting for the last and final puzzle peices to fall into place.

Praise the Lord, though! Today, those last peices have fallen into place. Tom saw his doctor this past Tuesday. Although the doc decided that Tom's condition was deteriorating, he was able to readjust his medicine in hopes that Tom will improve. Margaret has met with her oncologist and he has gotten in touch with her new oncologist in Memphis. She is scheduled to meet with her new doctor in about 3 weeks. The California doc projected her life expectancy to be shorter rather than longer, but Margaret and her family maintain hope. Hopefully her move closer to family will negate the diminished life sentence.

Margaret also has met with her pulminologist. He cleared her for air travel! She will have to travel with oxygen, but that will be okay. The biggest obstacle was getting her oxygen cleared with the airlines. This has been accomplished. It means that she and Tom will be leaving California Thanksgiving day. They are scheduled to land in Memphis around 4 p.m. Their daughter in-law will pick them up from the airport and drive them to Jackson where Tommy will have a Thanksgiving dinner waiting for them.

The movers will come to their house in California either on the 20th or 21st to pack their belongings. They will stay at a friend's home between the time that their house is packed and they are scheduled to fly. Upon reaching Tennessee, they will stay with Elizabeth and Tommy until they are moved into their new home.

The news is good. The reality is sobering. Goodbyes are difficult, especially under the current circumstances. Please stay tuned to the blog for more information.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thursday, November 9th -

No blogs recently due to nothing new to report and no contact with Tom and Margaret. Sorry to keep you waiting!

Since the last blog, Margaret and Tom have made serious progress in packing boxes for their move to TN. The most exciting and new news to report is that Margaret is getting stronger everyday. With each passing hour, she gains more strength and breathes much easier. A home health nurse came to visit yesterday, and Margaret checked out well.

Tuesday, Margaret and Tom caught a ride to his neurologist. Unfortunately, the news was not very good at all. Tom's condition is rapidly declining. There is not much hope for improvement. However, the doc adjusted his medication to see if that would improve his mobility and sleeping patterns. Ultimately, Tom and Margaret left the doctor's office feeling pretty dejected. In the words of Margaret herself, "It just isn't fun to hear from medical professionals that your lives are basically winding down."

Despite this news, and to no surprise to any of you reading this blog, Margaret remains 100% optimistic. Thursday, she will visit the pulminologist. Hopefully, after this visit, she will be cleared to travel. If this is the case, the movers will come to their house in CA November 20th to begin packing them up to move. Tom and Margaret will hang out in CA for a couple of more days and then take a flight to either Nashville or Memphis on Thanksgiving day. They are excited about "coming home."

Publishing these posts can be quite depressing at times. Why can't we find any authentic good news to report? Things appear and feel grim, sad, and hopeless. Friends, if there is any encouragement in the face of the character killing and hope draining obstacles that lay before Tom and Margaret , heed these words from Romans 5:3-5 - "And not only that, but we also boast in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because Gods' love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us." Hope is Margaret and Tom's last bastion. Hope has become their mantra. Not only that though, hope personifies Margaret's very being these days. May we, too, embrace the same sustaining hope to which Margaret holds dear - the hope that comes only from God, our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit who makes hope real in our lives. Amen.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Today, Margaret and Tom continued to work towards their move to Tennessee. Friends have been coming over to help pack boxes and bring food. They have been running errands and have provided other much needed help as well. Tom and Margaret will certainly miss Fair Oaks PCUSA very much. In fact, Tom said on the phone tonight that Margaret and he were going to the church tomorrow to say goodbye to everyone out in the narthex. Although Tom and Margaret have no trips planned tomorrow other than to his doctors' office, his mental lapse accentuates the moving related stress that is weighing on his mind - the goodbye's - the apparent unfairness of it all.

Thursday, Margaret will go to see her pulmonologist to find out if she can be relased for travel. She is hoping that her doctor will free her from her oxygen tank and that she will get a clean bill of health which will enable her to fly sooner rather than later. She has promised that she will not push too hard, though, and that she will continue to take the neccessary time she needs to get stronger in order to travel.

Repeatedly aforementioned on this blog, the move to Tennessee will be bittersweet for Tom and Margaret. Sweet in the sense that being close to family will be wonderful; bitter in the sense that they are saddened to be leaving California in a seemingly premature fashion.

Several years ago, when Margaret and Tom accepted the call to Fair Oaks PCUSA, CA , there was an overwhelming sense of bewilderment felt by thier family, a positive sense of encouragement from thier Covenant Pres family in MS, and a fearful, yet excited feeling shared by both Tom and Margaret.

Over time, their family learned to accept and appreciate the call, the Covenant family missed Tom and Margaret, but knew that God was using them to forward His will, and Tom and Margaret were ecstatic that they were in the exact place that God had placed them. Then, over time, they were flooded with a series of most unfortunate diagnoses that have since dictated their lives. First, Tom got sick. Then, Margaret was re-diagnosed with a new form of cancer. Tom has not gotten any better, in fact, his condition is worsening with each passing day. Of course, Margaret has had to deal with extreme health issues recently - hence this blog! This roller coaster ride has forced Tom and Margaret to reflect on their lives. To be honest, it has forced all of us involved to reflect.

Another reoccuring motif associated with this blog is that God remains to be good. However, if we were all to be honest at this point, who amongnst us still believes that God has been holding up his end of the bargain to remain good? Parkinson's, ovarian cancer, remission, potential Lewy-body diesease diagnosis, reoccurance of ovarian cancer, life support, physical therapy, and a 3,000 mile move across the country? God is good? Toss the rose colored glasses aside, folks. Times are 100% grim for Tom and Margaret these day - and yet - God must remain good!!

For the skeptics out there, be not afraid! There are many out there that feel just like you do. And yet, consider the words of the apostle Paul from his first letter to the church in Corinth. "Consider your own call, brothers and sisters: not many of you were wise by human standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth. But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; God chose what is low and despised in the world, things that are not, to reduce to nothing things that are not, to reduce to nothing things that are not, to reduce to nothing thins that are, so that no one might boast in the presence of God."

As soon as we think that we know what is best, as soon as we begin to second guess God, He does something different. Different and good. We can't understand God; we can't know what he is doing, we can only have faith and believe that he continues to be good. Second guessing must pass. Believing we know what is best for Tom and Margaret must become a distant memory. Believing that we understand what God is doing? No way, folks! God is God and he has a plan. We must merely wait and trust for it to unfold, because He truly is good - despite the fact that we don't yet understand. Amen and amen. More later . . . .

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday, November 3rd -

Today was an exhausting day for both Margaret and Tom. Margaret had an oncologists appointment this morning in downtown Sacramento. The exhaustion built as time wore on - traveling into downtown, waiting at the doctor's office, visiting the pharmacy afterwards, getting something to eat, and then getting back home - it was a long day.

Word from the oncologist was not good, and yet, totally expected. Her CA 125 level is quite elevated, which is not good, but completely expected as she has been off chemo for over a month. The doctor told her that she is not physically capable of resuming chemo treatments currently. He suggested that she wait unitl she arrived and settled in Tennessee. He would be in communication with her new doctor back south in the meantime to exchange information. He also gave her a timeline which was quite upsetting for Margaret, and yet, according to her daughter, Marty, at least he didn't say something horrible like "6 months!"

Friends, Margaret is our friend, our pastor, our confidant, our mother. She is under an extreme amount of stress currently. When our health fails us, and we can't do anything about it, we are tempted to lose faith or give up hope. Margaret cannot do that, though. Faith and hope are what have kept her head above water up until this point. We must join her in her effort to maintain the faith that God is good. We must believe just as strongly as she does that God will deliver her and Tom. When the going gets tough, the world says that the tough get going. We must ignore that popular anctedote and replace it with when the going gets tough, the tough hit their knees.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and Margaret is excited about watching SEC football on tv. Her spirits remain elevated despite the odds that are seemingly stacked against her. If you have not contacted her recently, please take the opportunity to call or visit her. Tomorrow would be a good day - especially during the Mississippi State vs. Alabama game. You'd make a marvelous distraction from the impending doom of the Bulldogs! More tomorrow, folks. Keep praying!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday, November 2nd -

No blog yesterday. Apologies.

Today was just an okay day for Margaret. She was able to make some phone calls to clear up the treatment she is supposed to be receiving at home. She also was able to clear up some medication issues. Apparently, there has been some confusion surrounding her follow up care in her home. Hopefully, by Monday things will be straightened out to her satisfaction.

Tom continues to be very pleased that his wife is back under the same roof with him. He has been catching up on the sleep he has lost over the past month.

Friends were at their home today to help them pack some boxes in preparation for their impending move. This made Margaret happy, and Tom, too was excited. They both must continue to live day by day and moment by moment, though. This is a tough proposition to handle. Both Tom and Margaret wish desperately that they could stay in California, but they also realize that they need to move to be close to family. This is a bitter-sweet time for the Suttle's. Please continue to keep them in your daily prayers.

Margaret has an appointment with her oncologist tomorrow morning. This will be a very revealing appointment for her, and to be completely honest, she is very frightened about the news she will receive. She has been off chemo for over a month, and tomorrow she will get an opinion from her doctor regarding whether she should continue chemotherapy or delay chemotherapy, or quit all together. Margaret is very anxious about this doctor's visit. Brothers and sisters in Christ, our prayers should be ceaseless, strong, and direct for Margaret in this trying moment. Pray for strength. Pray for discernment. Pray for HEALING. God is good. He MUST be.

Check the blog tomorrow. Whatever news there is to report will be here, and the news will be providential. Believe it, and keep praying - and as you do, may the love, grace, and peace of God the Father Almighty, his only Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit be with you all.

More tomorrow . . . .