Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday, November 2nd -

No blog yesterday. Apologies.

Today was just an okay day for Margaret. She was able to make some phone calls to clear up the treatment she is supposed to be receiving at home. She also was able to clear up some medication issues. Apparently, there has been some confusion surrounding her follow up care in her home. Hopefully, by Monday things will be straightened out to her satisfaction.

Tom continues to be very pleased that his wife is back under the same roof with him. He has been catching up on the sleep he has lost over the past month.

Friends were at their home today to help them pack some boxes in preparation for their impending move. This made Margaret happy, and Tom, too was excited. They both must continue to live day by day and moment by moment, though. This is a tough proposition to handle. Both Tom and Margaret wish desperately that they could stay in California, but they also realize that they need to move to be close to family. This is a bitter-sweet time for the Suttle's. Please continue to keep them in your daily prayers.

Margaret has an appointment with her oncologist tomorrow morning. This will be a very revealing appointment for her, and to be completely honest, she is very frightened about the news she will receive. She has been off chemo for over a month, and tomorrow she will get an opinion from her doctor regarding whether she should continue chemotherapy or delay chemotherapy, or quit all together. Margaret is very anxious about this doctor's visit. Brothers and sisters in Christ, our prayers should be ceaseless, strong, and direct for Margaret in this trying moment. Pray for strength. Pray for discernment. Pray for HEALING. God is good. He MUST be.

Check the blog tomorrow. Whatever news there is to report will be here, and the news will be providential. Believe it, and keep praying - and as you do, may the love, grace, and peace of God the Father Almighty, his only Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit be with you all.

More tomorrow . . . .

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