Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday, October 4

Conflicting reports today. Even though we have tried to cull calls to the nurses station so that Tommy and Marty can get accurate reports, the nurses yesterday and today have not been communicative.

Tom and Connie report that Margaret is off of the heavy sedation and can look at them when they are in the room. Her oxygen saturation levels continue to improve, but she remains on the ventilator.

The nurse that we finally reached tonight said that her sedation had not changed, but we think that is inaccurate information. She also told us that Margaret had not had fever since 12:00 AM this morning. This was after she told us there had been no change since we spoke with someone last night. We are praying that the fever information is an honest account of Margaret's condition.

We continue to try and line up continuing care for Tom at night. This professional care would also be in the expectation that Margaret is slowly improving and will need this care as well. Many of you know this should occur sooner rather than later. Tomorrow should hold an important decision in this matter.

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