Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday, October 26th -

Drum roll, please! Magaret goes home Monday, October 30th! This comes as quite a shock as all were expecting her to be in Manor Care at least until late next week. Truth be told, if the insurance company had their way, Margaret would have been released today. However, the therapists pitched a fit and insisted that she needed more time to recover. This grace period was granted, thankfully.

Friday and Saturday will prove to be difficult days for Margaret as she will be working hard to get in all the work she possibly can before returning home. Plans are currently being made for her return to the house. By absolutely no means are Tom and Margaret out of the woods, though. Our prayers will need to remain strong and persistent. The stairs, of course, will be an issue. Taking care of Tom during the evenings also will be tantamount. As of this evening, the plan will be to keep Tom's healthcare worker during the nights. The Fair Oaks family undoubtedly will be on the scene helping and encouraging Tom and Margaret, as well. The very last thing Margaret wants is a repeat of these past few harrowing weeks. So, quoting a hokey sign seen outside of a Southern Baptist church recently, remember, "God answers knee mails!"

Margaret will still need to walk with the aid of a walker, but hopefully soon, instead of using it to move around, she can use it to hang clothes! They will immediately look to begin the process of packing their house and turning their attention to moving to Tennessee. Excitement is bubbling just beneath the surface for Tom and Margaret, and yet Margaret's early release is cause for realistic caution. The temptation will be for them to overdo. Both Margaret and Tom will need prayers that will encourage them to pace themselves -- but all of you already know that, don't you!?! There will definitely be another post tomorrow evening, so please everyone, stay tuned!

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ; Margaret is going home Monday. Thanks be to God!

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