Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22, 2006

The weekend has been slow for Margaret and her physical therapy. Since the last post, she has made it to the PT gym for a workout, and yesterday, she said her legs were sore.

Today, Margaret said that after help out of bed initially, she was pretty much independent the rest of the day. She is in a wheelchair but can do her own transfers. The oxygen reports is about the same - she is still on 3 liters and her saturation is at around 97%. We would like to see her independent from oxygen soon. Since she did not have PT today, she said that she sat in her wheelchair and practiced her breathing. She reports that she feels that she can breathe more deeply tonight and is looking forward to PT tomorrow.

The visits have been happy for Margaret. However, we need to ask a favor. There have been instances of several people in her room at the same time, and as much as Margaret loves to see friendly faces, it does take energy to "entertain." We would like to just remind everyone that her strength is still building and please keep visits short and staggered. She says though to please let people know this without sending them away! That is the message then. She loves you all and thanks you for your prayers and support and if you stop by to say hi, know that she would visit longer if she could, but she can't just yet.



Vickie Kintzel said...

Margaret and POAMN -- I just got notice that my "Delta" miles from the Daytona trip will expire soon, but I could "donate" them to another account. I'm wondering if this might help the Suttles for transportation, and if there are others who don't usually fly Delta who could do the same thing?


pastormargaret said...

Hi Vickie,

Momma says, "Yes!" She is interested in Delta miles. They are uncertain of when they will travel, but of course she hopes it will be soon. Can you contact her through her FOPC email?