Friday, October 13, 2006

Thursday, October 12

Margaret is doing well. Her diet has been upgraded, and her oxygen needs continue to decrease. She was very conversational today and tolerated more physical therapy well.

Tommy got in tonight. He missed his flight in Memphis due to a accident on I-240 in which he was not involved. Consequently, he arrived 6 hours late and was unable to see mom tonight. This upset her, but they were able to talk on the phone this evening and will reunite in the morning.
Her spirits are elevated, and she is ready to take the next step - rehbilitation in a skilled nursing facility. This process, according to her doctors, could take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. Afterwards, she is looking forward to moving to the bustling metropolis of Jackson, TN! Dad is doing well and very excited about mom's progress. Tommy and I, too, are encouraged with the reports we are getting from the medical staff at the hospital. The fact that mom is lucid and able to understand what her doctors are saying is also incredibly reassuring.
The Suttle family continues to covet and appreciate the prayers that all of mom and dad's friends are offering on their behalf. More information and updates will be coming tomrrow as we will continue to monitor mom's condition! Thanks to all of you!


Beth Barber said...

I am happy to hear Margaret is continuing to improve. I am greatful for this blog to be able to follow Margaret's progress. I continue to pray for your recovery.
~~Beth Barber

Pat Baker said...

Dear Suttle family...I continue to have all of you in my prayers. I'm glad Tommy is now on the scene. Thank you so much for setting up the has been great to go in each day and read the progress! Please include an address of the nursing facility that Margaret is going to when she gets settled.

Blessings, Pat Baker

Mike Lucas said...

Nikki and I are pleased that Almighty God has bent low to hear the cries of His children and is answering our prayers. Margaret and Tom are precious in His sight (and in ours) and we rejoice in the victories that He has planned.
Mike Lucas