Thursday, October 26, 2006

This picture has been trapped in my camera for a couple of weeks now. I left my card reader somewhere and was resisting the urge to just go buy another one. However, I have this silly love of computer accessories, I finally broke down today and bought a lovely new card reader that is much better than the old one anyway. I'm excited and can finally post this picture. Hooray.

Women at FOPC know who this is. This is Molly. Molly the Wilderness Moose.

In April, Kathy, Louise, and the fine women at FOPC brought me to CA to attend the Women's Retreat. My mother was the speaker that weekend, and my visit was a surprise for her. As she blessed the first meal of the retreat, they snuck me out with a big box of Sherri's Berries roses.

That weekend means more to me and my mom than those sweet ladies will ever know.

Momma and I already knew that her ca125 was elevated at the retreat. We sat up late and talked a little about the "what-if's" and a lot about the "what has been's." I got to listen to my mom talk about getting through the wilderness times in life. I know why I love her, but I got to see first hand why you all love her. It was a real gift.

So Molly and I just wanted you to know that she's been hanging out, reminding Momma of all the strong women in her life and how much they all love her.



pastormargaret said...
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pastormargaret said...

Very cool entry, kid!