Monday, October 30, 2006

By the longest possible route, Margaret is at home again tonight. As it turns out, the admission process to Manor Care was much smoother than the discharging process. Apparently Margaret and Tom were left waiting several hours before being released. Upon her official dismissal, she went back to Sutter-Roseville hospital to get her blood drawn by order of her oncologist.

Once she and Tom arrived home, they discovered that her oxygen machine had been delivered, but that none of the other supplies had made it. This upset both Tom and Margaret. She needs a walker, and she needs a restroom accessory. Neither arrived. This has been upsetting to say the least. They will follow up with this discrepency tomorrow.

The good news is that Margaret is elated to be back at home again with Tom. She will be sleeping downstairs for the next few days in order to avoid the steep staircase in their home. Tom will HOPEFULLY be sleeping more soundly at night with the knowledge that his bride is again under his roof.

Yet another step has been made in a positive direction for Tom and Margaret. The dictated journey that they both have encountered has been both unexpected and seemingly unfair. However, they continue to navigate this hairy course with grace and patience. May we all benefit and learn from the example they have set before us all. Amen! More tomorrow.

Grace and Peace

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Jerri Meier said...

Congratulations! The bird has finally landed (or flown the coop?). The packing can wait a few days while you both catch up on some SLEEP!