Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday, October 18th -

What a difference a day makes! Margaret has begun physical and occupational therapy. She has responded very well. After each exercise, her oxygen saturation level is checked - to see how low it drops and how quickly it recovers. Today, during the exercises, her level dropped to below 80%. And yet, upon ending the exercises, her level rose to above 91% in less than a minute. Pretty good show, if you ask all of us who have no medical degree!

Margaret is prepared to work hard. She says that she has things to do: take care of and have fun with her husband, teach her son how to make biscuits, get better aquainted with her new son-in-law, decorate her new house with her daughter and daughter-in-law, and spoil her grandchildren. According to her doctors and therapists, this is not a tall order. Her release is completely reliant upon her willingness to work hard. Go, Margaret! In other words, her release depends completely on her desire to get out. (Again - no medical degree)!

In Tom news, guess who is back? ELSIE!! Yes, Elsie the caregiver from Mississippi who dad instantly accepted, and of whom he was quickly fond, has reappeared on the scene. We had thought that Elsie did not want the job of caring for dad, but as it turns out, this was a huge misunderstanding in her office. In the span of 2 hours, Elsie has accomplished more than the other caregivers have been able to accomplish in 2 weeks. Praise God!

Tom and Margaret are going to be okay. Albeit, they will be okay in a different way than we and they had anticipated, and yet, God continues to be good. We just aren't sure of why he does what he does. Those of you with any ounce of faith, just remember this - God is. Tom and Margaret are okay. There are no explanations, there is no logic associated with their situation, but God is - He inroduced himself to Moses as, "I am." We either accept this or we don't. Tom and Margaret choose to accept this as truth, and their lives are strictly in his hands. For this, all should give thanks to God, Almighty. He is navigating their boat that has been seemingly out of control towards a course of destruction. However, the Suttle's will pull through. Believe it. (By the way, congratulations to Peter Graves and his bride - one down, 3 to go)!

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