Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday, October 16 -

Barring unforeseen obstacles, Margaret will be discharged tomorrow morning to Manor Care, a skilled nursing facility, for a couple of weeks of occupational and physical therapy. Her oxygen saturation levels are fantastic, her blood pressure is great, and her fever continues to remain normal! Praise God!!

She has undergone physical therapy that to the rest of us seems ridiculous, and yet, to Margaret, sitting on the side of the bed for a meal, and then walking to a chair to sit, is unbelievable! She is on the mend faster than expected. All should know that her determination is immeasurable, and her spirits are high. Keep on praying, ya'll! More tomorrow once the discharge is complete.


Coates Clan said...

Dear Marty and Tommy:

Would it be possible to post the address (and phone #) for Manor Care once Margaret has been discharged and tranferred? I am sure this would be helpful info for most folks.

Thanks for all your updates!!

Lisa Coates

Ed Longabaugh said...

Thanks for keeping this current! We're praying in Kansas City too.
Ed Longabaugh

Toni Horvath said...

Great news. I'm keeping you in prayer and am so grateful that she is progressing so well. See ya at the Manor! Love, Toni