Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday, October 8

Sorry for the delay in posting, and tonight, you get first person. I'm too tired to write in third person.

Tommy and I decided that it was time for one of us to go to California, so here I am. Dad is in bed, there is a pound cake in the oven, and we have good news.

Today they took Margaret off the ventilator. She has been awake some today. Tom said that Friday, the doctor who would be on call over the weekend gave him a checklist of sorts - rather, a chain of events - that if Margaret could reach this goal, then they would do that. The short of it is, she reached all her goals this weekend and they took her off the ventilator even sooner than the doctor thought would happen. She might move back to the oncology department tomorrow where there are fewer germs and nasties floating about.

Tonight, I had been here about an hour when the phone rang. It was Mom's nurse. She had Mom on the phone and she was asking to speak to Dad. Although she is still unable to talk much at all, Dad said that he did hear her say, "I love you."

Dad is making progress on post-hospital plans and making decisions about his own needs as well. Tommy and I will continue to try and help find them solutions that keep them safe, comfortable, and happy. If I get a chance this week, I'll attach some photos of their new house in Jackson, Tennessee. It is really nice.

Many thanks tonight to every driver, cook, slumber party attendee, and friend who has been watching over them, and for the others who have volunteered. Your support of not just Tom and Margaret, but our whole family is so very appreciated.



Ginny Nyhuis said...

Margaret and Tom, and family,

This is such wonderful news!
Know that you are in so many prayers and thoughts. May you continue to feel the love and support of so many, and may you continue to feel God's blessings.

Ginny Nyhuis, Oostburg, Wisconsin
POAMN Friend

Susie Johnson said...

Margaret, Tom, Marty and Tommy,
Thanks be to God for good news. You are all in the prayers of so many. May you feel God's loving arms as they support you through this difficult time.

Thank you for the blog. The POAMN board has lifted Margaret and family up in prayer all across the country.
Much love to each of you.
Susie - POAMN friend

Susie Johnson said...
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