Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday, October 9

Margaret was awake today. One of her first questions to Tom was, "How do I get out of here?" It was nice to have her spirit back. There were questions about what had happened and what would happen. It seems that even in just waking up after a week, she was already Margaret again, trying to organize her thoughts and plan for what comes next.

For most of the day, she held her own with just the oxygen tube in her nose. Her oxygen saturation levels remained good for the most part. The fever has not returned, and overall, she is doing well.

She still doesn't really need visitors yet. Even though the occasional friendly face made her smile today, it would just be too much to start having visitors right now. In addition to the rest, she also continues to need a sterile environment. Tom and Marty look forward to beginning to read her the cards that have been sent and the comments left here sometime tomorrow. Your messages do get to her, so please send them if you would like to!

The biggest piece of information learned today was that Margaret will need rehabilitation after she gets out of the hospital. This means that she will either have to go into a nursing home or have skilled nursing at home for several weeks. We are thankful that a relationship has already been forged with a home health provider recommended by the Presbyterian Board of Pensions. Tom and Marty will begin meeting with staff at the hospital tomorrow to try and make a plan to continue Margaret's recovery once she is discharged. The doctor said that her discharge should likely come in 3-5 days. When he said 3-5 days, it seemed like Margaret actually shot him a look, causing him to reconsider and lean more towards the 3 side of things. Who knows, though? Maybe she really is back and fighting, just like the amazingly strong woman we know she is.


Mittlers said...

Thank you so very much for the blog, we are in China visiting family and to be able to keep up with Margaret is a true gift for us.
Margaret and Tom had blessings asked for them by a group here in Wuhan last week. I have had several calls here asking about an update on her. So you see how far reaching this is.
We are priviledged to have 2 such special people in our lives as Tom and Margaret.
We are praying for them here.
Our Very Best Wishes for the family.
Toma and Herb Mittler

Susie Johnson said...

We know you are a fighter and with God's help and the help of your wonderful Tom, Marty and Tommy I believe you will be doing rehab soon. Blessings to you as you endure the "hurry up and wait period." Big hugs are being sent your way via your POAMN "family."
We all love you. The power of prayer is amazing, and we will continue to pray!

Jerri Meier said...

Margaret, you are such a fighter! And a multitude of prayers are fighting for you too. He certainly hears and answers them all! So glad you're doing better. Don't give those nice doctors too much lip...