Saturday, October 14, 2006

Friday, October 13th -

Despite the all the ominous urban legends associated with Friday the 13th, today was a spectacular day for the Suttle family! Tommy was finally able to make it to the hospital to see Margaret. The identical bald pates made for a good laugh!! Margaret was lucid and full of life today. While still on oxygen, she is making huge strides towards breathing on her own. Her memory has returned, and her mind is sharp as a tack. Her diet has been upgraded from thickened liquids to softened, sliced, foods. When Tom, Jr., Marty, and Tommy 3 arrived this morning she was eating a cup of yogurt by herself, indicative of her improved motor skills and her recovering strength.

Around eleven o'clock Pacific Standard Time, Margaret sat up on the side of the bed by herself as part of a physical therapy exercise. She continued to breath well during the exercise, although she did have a bit of a coughing spell once upright. The physical activity and aforementioned coughing episode sapped a great deal of energy from her, however. As a result, she was a bit winded and unable to eat much of her lunch. All was well, though - her nurses told her that her repressed appetite was completely normal and was more than likely due to her exhaustion from the exercise. In fact, they were encouraged, rather excited, with her phenomenal physical progress as opposed to being overly concerned wiht her inability to eat creamed mystery meat and sliced carrots!

As of 5 p.m. (PST), Margaret's oxygen saturation level was at an amazing 94%! Hopefully, by tomorrow, Margaret will be breathing on her own. If this indeed is the case, the doctor will discharge her to a Skilled Nursing Facility to undergo 3 to 4 weeks of physical and occupational therapy. Tommy, Tom, and Marty visited the reccommended facility today, and were very pleased with the staff, facility, and location. This facility is also one with which Margaret is very familar. She has conducted numerous pastoral visits in Manor Care and has been quite impressed with its operation. God's will be done, Margaret will be discharged to Manor Care as early as this coming Monday or perhaps no later than Tuesday.

Marty flies home tomorrow morning (Saturday, 10/14). Tommy will be in town until Friday, October 20th. Home health has been established for Tom, Jr. from 8 p.m. until mornining, and simply put, he is not a fan. However, we believe that he is warming up to the idea . . . . slowly albeit! (Prayers solicited)!

Surely there cannot not be a child alive that relishes the idea of wrestling away from their parents the freedom, independence, and dignity that they have so freely known and enjoyed. And yet, when those same parents, who have by way of example, taught their children the neccessity of caring for their elderly family members through words and actions wind up needing similar care; the children absolutely must lovingly respond regardless of how uncomfortable and difficult it might be.

God is good, and yet He continues to bewilder. More tomorrow evening - grace and peace, ya'll!

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