Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday, October 17 -

Margaret has moved to Manor Care, a skilled nursing care facility. Here, she will undergo rigorous physical and occupational therapy. She is still on oxygen, but hopefully, as she regains her strength, the need for oxygen will end. Tom was very excited this morning upon arriving at the hospital. The prospect of his beloved wife taking the next step to recovery had him very alert and positive today.

Margaret was transferred today around noon. Tom and Tommy followed along behind and had no trouble getting her checked in and situated. She is in a private room, which has her very pleased. Not much happened after she arrived which was frustrating for her. However, her day will begin tomorrow with an assessment from the physical therapist, and then she will be on her way.

It is hard to be a patient in a nursing home facility where she has conducted so many pastoral visits, and yet, Margaret is ready to get well. Please keep her in your prayers. She does not have a phone in her room, so she keeps her cell phone handy. Since it is a nursing home, there is no shower in her room. In short, Margaret really does not "fit in" at the home, and yet we know that she will be recovering and leaving the home very soon. Tomorrow, the family will get to talk with a doctor so that a realistic/predictable timeline for discharge can be discussed. This, however, is definitely a case of living life one day at a time.

More reports tomorrow from Manor Care.

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Pat Baker said...

Could you please post the address of Manor Care so we can send cards! Continous prayers for the entire family! Love, Pat Baker