Monday, December 01, 2008

Advent - Day 3

Anticipation – Mark 1:1-8
Tuesday, December 2

Children anticipate Christmas with a great deal of excitement. They are excited because they expect to find that extra special something under the tree—that same something they put on the top of their lists and have been promised. They look forward to Christmas Day like no other!

Usually children of all ages have an air of excitement about them when they anticipate that which is promised. The promise of a new hunting rifle excites some, while another might anticipate a beautiful piece of jewelry or the latest electronic gadget. Promise and anticipation go hand in hand.

John the Baptist appears in today’s Scripture as the voice crying in the wilderness, echoing Isaiah’s message to prepare the way for the Lord. The people wondered if this could be the one for whom they had been waiting. Is he the anticipated, the expected one? And John simply told them that one greater than he was coming and that one would baptize with the Holy Spirit. They must wait a little longer.

Imagine that you are living in the days prior to Jesus’ birth.

Questions to consider: Would you look forward to his coming with childlike anticipation? Would you have believed God’s promise? How would, how do you welcome Jesus into your life?

God bless you as you anticipate His coming!
Pastor Margaret

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