Monday, December 08, 2008

Advent - Day 11

Light(s) – John 1:1-12; 9:5
Tuesday, December 9

Christmas lights have come a long way since the seventeenth century when small candles were glued onto branches with melted wax or attached with pins to light the trees. Originally they were used to illuminate ornaments on the tree. By 1890 candleholders were commonly used and replaced in the early 1900s with small lanterns and glass balls. The use of adding candles to light trees was first attributed to Martin Luther—a beautiful old custom, but one that would cause great concern for today’s fire marshals. From the early candles to the strings of twinkling waterproof lights of today we love the beauty and the symbolism.

Light is an important word of Christmas. John, in his gospel, emphasizes the difference in light and dark. He says that not only did Christ come to bring light into the dark world of sin, but that Christ is Light. The lights of Christmas are a wonderful reminder of the illumination that Christ brought not only to the world, but to us as individuals.

Questions to consider: In what way has Christ brought light into your life? Are there areas today that need the illumination of Christ? Do you reflect the light of Christ in your life?

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