Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Advent - Day 4

Decorations – Psalm 93
Wednesday, December 3

Featured in the news the end of September were stories of a well known retailer’s plans to lower its prices on several toys to get people into the Christmas spirit earlier than usual. Christmas decorations took priority over fall pumpkins and Thanksgiving turkeys. Others followed suit and though we hadn’t even put away our summer clothes, stores were decorated for Christmas. I love the decorations, but suspect they could become a bit tiresome when left up for three months. Fresh greenery would have to be replaced, not once, but several times; the angel choir would collect lots of dust; the garland on the mantle would sag.

The way we decorate our homes reveals a lot about us. Our personalities, our roots are on display. In Psalm 93 the psalmist reveals something about God when he writes that the Lord is robed in majesty. In other words God is adorned with splendor and dignity. Such is the God we serve. Further, the psalmist writes: holiness adorns your house. God’s “house” is decorated, so to speak, with holiness.

We may tire of the early decorations, they may fade before the season ends, but the majesty of our God is endless and the holiness that adorns God’s house never changes.

Questions to consider: What does your home reveal about you? What would it mean to adorn your house with holiness? Could this be a part of your holiday decorating that would endure?

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