Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advent - Day 13

Friends – John 15:12-17
Friday, December 12

A sure sign of friendship during preschool years is if one is invited to another’s birthday party. I can still hear two oft repeated sentences: “I’ll be your best friend if . . .” and “I’ll invite you to my birthday if . . .” In other words, act like I want you to act and I’ll consider you my friend. Often that’s the way lifelong friendships begin, but as we grow, our friendships grow. Some of us are fortunate to maintain friendships with people we have known since preschool; others have friends that have come into our lives later and have stuck “closer than a brother.” During the holiday season we look forward to spending time with friends, receiving cards and letters, worshiping together. Special times are made even more special with special friends.

Jesus told his disciples that they were his friends. I wonder what they thought and how they responded to these particular words. It seems that they saw their relationship with Jesus more as a master to servant. We know that they did not fully comprehend who Jesus was and what his purpose on earth was. Now, here is Jesus calling them “friends,” expressing his confidence in them and his closeness to them. The Master is our friend and what a friend we have in him!

Questions to consider: What are the things you look for in a friend? Can you think of Jesus as your friend as well as your Saviour and Lord? In what ways does being Jesus’ friend affect your relationship?

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