Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Advent - Day 5

Colors – Genesis 1:1; Exodus 35:20-35
Thursday, December 4

To me, the primary colors of Christmas are red and green, though I do enjoy arrangements or displays featuring gold or silver or blue. My all time favorite Christmas tree had a “blue section.” Our then five year old grandson was learning how to sort by color in kindergarten so he very carefully separated all the blue ornaments in the storage box from the others. He claimed the area of the tree he could best reach and hung only blue ornaments in that area. It was a beautiful sight!

In the beginning God created . . . colors of all hues, ranging from the deepest blues to the brightest yellows. God created colors, made them beautiful and pronounced them good. The Exodus passage for today’s reading is the account of God’s instructions of how the tabernacle was to be decorated. Attention is paid to color and detail. The most skilled craftsmen and artisans were assigned to the project.

The colors in nature amaze me. I am struck by beautiful designs; intricate needlework draws me like a magnet. See today the colors that surround you. Consider the beautiful design of your place of worship. Marvel at the paintings and the needlework in your home.

Questions to consider: When is the last time you have thanked God for His creation? Do you look upon artistic pieces and think of the creator or the Creator?

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that I was there and saw the BLUE section of the tree, and did NOT get a picture of it for a keepsake, however, it is in my memory bank also. so precious. Have enjoyed each devotional for advent