Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent - Day 12 (Sorry for mixing up the days yesterday)

Parents – Exodus 20:12; Isaiah 66:13
Thursday, December 11

Thoughts of parents are a large part of our Christmas memories. They were the ones responsible for planning everything, from when and how we decorated the tree to what we would have for dinner. Many of us remember the sacrifices our parents made and the extra effort they made to make the holidays special. As I remember, I praise God for those memories of my mother, my aunt and uncle who gave me a home and my mother and father in law. I honor them as I have been taught in the Ten Commandments.

At the same time, I marvel at the unconditional love received from parents and the presence of the unconditional love we feel for our children. Even more amazing than that is the realization that God loves us unconditionally! Once, during our children’s teenage years, I was praying for them as I drove to work. I declared my love for them in my petitions for them and suddenly I was overwhelmed with the knowledge of that God loved them infinitely more than I ever could. God’s love for us far surpasses anything we can imagine.

Questions to consider: In what ways have you felt God’s unconditional love? When have you specifically been aware of God comforting you as a mother comforts her child?

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