Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advent - Day 23

Loneliness – Psalm 27
Monday, December 22

Maybe you are wondering about “loneliness,” the word for today and its placement following “love.” For some, “loneliness” may seem out of place, but others know that the Christmas holidays can be the loneliest days of the year. Loved ones distanced by war; families split apart by disagreements or divorce; those experiencing the holidays for the first time since the passing of a spouse, a parent, a child or friend all have something in common. There is an empty, lonely place in their hearts. These may be the obvious lonely ones, but there may be others: the self-confident, well dressed person who shares the pew with you in church; the life of the party who laughs the loudest; some you least expect are especially lonely this time of year.

You may be the lonely one. If so, take comfort in Psalm 27, written by David as a prayer asking God to deliver him from those who sought to harm him. It expresses David’s faith in an ever present, loving God, one who is ready and able to fill our lives with good things.

Questions to consider: Have you ever felt alone during the holidays? Have you been lonely in the midst of a crowd? How do you cope? Could you help with someone’s loneliness today?

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