Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advent - Day 22

Love – I Corinthians 13; John 3:16
Sunday, December 21

Love came down at Christmas, a sentiment expressed on greeting cards, both religious and secular. What exactly is the message? For Christians, the answer comes quickly: “Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.” Non-Christians might reply: “Christmas is a family time, a time of giving, a time to share with those who are close to us.” My initial response to such a saying is: “Love does not just come at Christmas, it never stops.” Maybe your answer might include something from all three answers.

Love is definitely in the air. As we begin this final week in the Advent Season we might experience a sense of urgency, coupled with a feeling of well being—a strange combination. Activity is either winding down or increasing with intensity. We have been through most of the services and programs at the church except for Christmas Eve. Traffic is a nightmare, the mall is wall to wall people and the grocery store is a forbidden planet, yet love is in the air.

Questions to Consider: What is love? Does love define God? Or, does God define love? Can you substitute your name for “the world” in John 3:16?

Saturday was quite a day! I headed out to get a pedicure, only to be stopped at the nearest corner and told I had a flat tire. I had wondered what was knocking. The man who stopped me said the tire was pretty flat and that I should go to the nearest service station. Where is he from? Mars? What service station has someone to help with tires and such? I got to the next street, out of the traffic and called Tommy who came within three or four minutes and after a problem or two with the compressor, he put air in my tire and sent me to the tire store. I'm glad I postponed my pedicure because the tire store was getting ready to close within the next thirty minutes. Both my toes and the tire needed "nail attention." The toes will have to wait.

Jacob, Sarah and Drew spent a couple of hours with us this afternoon putting together a gingerbread house kit. It turned out pretty good, but Jake reminded me that we are really just amateur architects. About the time we finished, Liz came to take Tom shopping. Meredith stayed and played while they were gone. If only I could bottle some of the energy they have!

Tonight was the best night to decorate our tree if we wanted it done before Christmas so we decided on Chinese take out instead of anyone having to cook. Tom and I put on the hooks and the children did the decorating--even Meredith who is big enough this year. She will be three on the 21st. I love holding the ornaments, one by one, and remembering when each first graced our tree . Sometimes they have a story to the pottery angel I received at the big family tree the first year I was married; the red teardrop shaped ornaments that are replicas of those Dad and I put on the tree we sent Tom when he was in Vietnam; and the ones with pictures of our children on them. Christmas trees often reveal some of the history of the family and ours is no exception.

It was quite a day! It was busy, eventful, and lots of fun! We'll all sleep well tonight.

Pastor Margaret

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