Thursday, December 18, 2008

Advent - Day 20

Hope – Isaiah 40:28-31
Friday, December 19

Memories of the covenant are sure to bring us hope, just as there was hope in the hearts of the children of Israel. They expected God’s promise of a Messiah to come to fruition. More than that, they trusted God and they looked forward to the coming of Christ. Today, during Advent, we celebrate the first coming of Christ and look forward to the second coming. Herein is our hope!

There is also hope for everyday circumstances. During captivity the Israelites struggled to keep hope alive. Far from home, they were an oppressed people, but God speaks to them through Isaiah, the prophet, in today’s Scripture passage, reminding them who He is and what He will do for them. There are no better words of the assurance of God’s strong presence than these!

Questions to consider: When you are tired and weary, to whom do you turn? Do you hope in the Lord to renew your strength? How has God helped you in times of crisis?

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