Sunday, November 30, 2008

Traditions – Matthew 15:2-3; Colossians 2:6-9
Monday, December 1

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Is it trimming the tree? Do you make the same cookies, the same casserole from year to year? Does your family gather to attend the Christmas Eve service together? Choosing a favorite tradition may be difficult; several may come to mind. We all have them. We all love them. What would the celebration of Christmas be without the keeping of traditions?

The Pharisees loved their traditions—so much so that they were blinded by them. They cared more about what was on the outside, the keeping of certain laws and traditions than they did what was in a person’s heart. They couldn’t see Jesus because their traditions stood in the way. I wonder if I am not something like the Pharisees.

Questions to consider: Is the celebration of Christmas our “tradition” or do we see Jesus? Is our Christian life based on tradition or centered in the Person of Christ?

Thank you for following the blog and for reading the Advent devotionals. It is a special time of year. I preached for our friend in Humboldt this morning and was glad to be a part of the first Sunday of Advent service. The first devotional on "preparation" got woven into the sermon.
We have had a really good Thanksgiving weekend-busy with family, food and lots of it, and football. Our favorite team not only lost, but got walloped and the coach resigned. Those two things were the down parts of the weekend. Monday morning at 7:30 I have to be at the imaging center for routine scans. I pray they are just that--routine. I'll keep you posted, but until then. . .

Pastor Margaret

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the devotionals, we will enjoy them. praying that everything is alright with your routine scans today.
blessings to you, linda