Saturday, November 29, 2008

Advent Devotionals
Several months ago the parish associate at our church asked if I had any interest in writing Advent or Lenten devotionals. I said I had never done a whole series, but might give it try. The devotionals that follow are the results of that try and have been printed into a booklet for members and friends of our church.

The season of Advent is celebrated annually in the Christian church. It is a season of hope, anticipation and expectancy. It is a time of preparation. The following devotionals, based on words commonly associated with Christmas, are being offered as a way to help each of us prepare our hearts for the celebration of the birth of Christ and are intended for either individual or family use.

There are three parts for each “word of the day.” Short Scripture readings are given and there are comments on the “word.” The “questions to consider” or “food for thought” writings are intended to encourage the reader to meditate on the both the Scripture and the comments throughout the day.

May you be blessed as you read God’s Word so that others might be blessed by you, especially this Advent Season.

Preparation – Isaiah 40:3; Psalm 51
Sunday, November 30

Even though stores have been preparing for this season for several months, the beginning of what is known in the Christian Church as “Advent,” is the official kick-off. Fall decorations are packed away for another year, turkey leftovers are made into hash or sandwiches and the Christmas china is unpacked. Every room in the house is cleaned and made ready. Preparation is very much on our minds as we enter the season. Lists help us remember what needs to be done and just when to do it. We want to be prepared.

May I suggest that at the top of the list we heed Isaiah’s words in Isaiah 40:3? He tells the Israelites to “prepare the way for the Lord,” an instruction they understood to mean clearing all the obstacles off the road for the coming of a visiting monarch. Get ready for the king, the ruler who is coming. And so it is important for Christians today to prepare our hearts for the celebration of the first coming of the King, the Christ Child. There is no better place to begin than with Psalm 51.

Repent. The King is coming!

Question to consider: Is your heart prepared?

Pastor Margaret

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