Friday, January 29, 2010

They Got It Right!

All week we have been warned about severe weather that would be here by Friday (today). The forecasters said it enought that I called the cancer clinic Tuesday and moved my infusion from today to yesterday. That proved to be a good move. While I was there the nurses were busily trying to get other Friday patients in on Thursday and to reschedule appointments with the doctor from Memphis who should have been there today. Sure enough, it has been snowing steadily since early morning and the streets have been icy. Now, the forecast is that the ice/snow won't begin to thaw until Monday. Needless to say, I couldn't get to the nursing home and church in Humboldt may not happen on Sunday. Ice is the scary thing as it breaks trees and power lines. Last year just northwest of here there were disastrous ice storms, causing much damage. I remember one Christmas in Jackson, MS when the water plant froze and dinner for us was hot dogs, cooked in the living room fireplace and eaten on paper plates. I don't remember whether we ate the real deal later or not.

Tom's mental health improved after I finally got his medicine changed back to the usual dose. I believe the home asked for an increase in dosage because he sometimes is restless and won't stay still or where he is suppose to be. Is not heavy sedation the same as restraint? It is in my book! Eating and drinking are still problematic. He doesn't like the food and getting to his water isn't always easy. One of the therapists has gotten him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an ice cream cup a couple of days and he has eaten that when served. I am trying finish up the arrangements of bringing him home, hopefully by this time next week. I need to hire at least one more sitter and rearrange some things in the house. I hope his medical condition will allow a safe transition back home with me.

Baby Colin and his mom are doing fine--great, in fact! Big brother Christopher is learning to share his mom, but probably was happier with Colin tucked away inside, instead of visible for all the world to see.

I was so saddened this week to learn of Audrey Huseman's passing. She and her husband, Ken, had the most loving relationship and he has been her faithful caregiver through thick and thin. Even before this most recent illness and before I met her in 1999, she had survived cancer and another serious illness. I believe she lived to care for Ken when he needed her and to share her love of Jesus with anyone she could. We had some good times together at Women's Retreats, going out to eat and the times Tom and I spent with them before we moved to California, just to name a few. She needed no theological degree, no special training, just her sweet presence to share her love for Jesus. There is no doubt that she is smiling now as she has met him face to face. I will miss her.

God loves you and so do I!

Pastor Margaret

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