Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's what's happening now. We had a good visit with the neurologist yesterday, though he did answer questions in the complete manner I would have liked. It was obvious that one of his continuing concerns is the loss of weight. He asked if we had considered in-house therapy where Tom would have remained in the hospital and received his PT there. I said, "Yes, we did, but was told by the social worker that Tom didn't qualify and that was the end of that." The doctor wanted the primary care doctor to see Tom, made an appointment for him to be seen this morning and another appointment for him to evaluated by a doctor who would tell us whether of not Tom qualifies to receive his therapy in the hospital.

Dellora, my precious friend and helper came again today to help me get to the medical clinic. When Tom's blood pressure was taken both numbers were under 100. He was admitted to the hospital immediately so he could get fluids and be monitored more closely. He is on a heart monitor and his caloric intake is being recorded--not sure how that is done. I'm also not sure how long he'll be there and we're back to wondering if he'll recover enough to come home. He has not been resting/sleeping well at the nursing home, so the hospital will be an improvement.

I've learned not to project what tomorrow will be like and to be prepared for anything. We have done our share of wilderness wanderings, but I know about those wanderings that we never wander alone, nor does making it through the wilderness depend on us, but on God's faithfulness. He never leaves us to figure things out; He never leaves us without exactly the provision we need for that step. Maybe you know that song whose lyrics say: "I do not know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future." That first impressed me in the early eighties with my first bout with cancer and recite it to myself more and more often these days.

I close with two "funnies"--at least they were to me. Tom's nursing home roommate asked Tom when we went to meet him before Tom changed rooms, if he was a Bible reader. Tom replied that he was. One day I was sitting in the room, Tom was napping and the man asked me if I read the Bible. With a very straight face, I replied, "Sometimes." Only later did I tell him that I am a minister. (I'm not sure the denomiation of his choice approves.) Then today when the nurse was asking a gazillion questions, she asked if a minister would be visiting Tom, I said: "Everyday." A little laughter never hurts even when you're laughing at yourself.

Pastor Margaregt

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