Thursday, January 21, 2010

The first steps have been taken to set up help for Tom when he comes home. Dellora and I came up with a schedule the other day and we will interview a person tomorrow--if Tommy is available. We are all anxious to get Tom home, thinking that being in his own surroundings will help him, but he can't come until the help is in place. I had hoped everything would be ready by this weekend, but the doctor hasn't given us discharge orders and they probably couldn't be ready at least until Monday.

It is difficult to understand what he says and he has a hard time following simple instructions. His body is willing and he has the strength to do most of what it takes to get up from a sitting position, but he has trouble getting his legs to do what he hears in his brain. There is a real disconnect in that area. The frustration that I feel sometimes tends to make me impatient with him. He is the love of my life, yet you might doubt it if you witnessed my impatience.

I learned today when I went to a group occupational therapy session that there is some virus going around the nursing home. The therapists kept going around the room with sanitizer for hands and one told me that I needed to careful and not stay too long. That, too, is frustrating. I don't want to have to wonder about my own condition--general fatigue and tired legs are enough!

We trust God to hold us in his strong right hand and that he will go before us in this journey. Trusting and believing relieve the frustration and help as decisions are made.

Pastor Margaret

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