Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We're home after traveling to St. Louis and back, to Nashville, on to Raleigh and back in just two weeks. In our younger, healthier days that would have been "no hill for a stepper" as Tom has been known to say. But years, illness and "cures" have taken their toll and we are tired. Today we have rested, Tom has done laundry and we both had the unexpected pleasure of keeping Meredith for a while this morning. I don't know how one little girl can bring so much joy and so many smiles. It was especially fun to watch her pound on the workbench that her Paw Paw and his brother and her dad and Aunt Marty played with when they were her age. We can't wait to see all four of them in their halloween costumes when they come from Trunk or Treat at the church tonight.

Our week in North Carolina was jam packed and laid back all at the same time. We had not visited Marty and Kevin in the home they have been rennovating and we marvelled at their handy-work. Looking at the "before pictures" and seeing the now made it even more amazing. She certainly did not learn to lay tile from her parents. They have a lot left to do before the baby arrives in January, but I'm certain his room will be ready. One afternoon Lorica, the Celtic band of which Marty is a part, rehearsed in her studio and we enjoyed listening. We also enjoyed hearing her students perform at their fall recital Saturday night. Friday afternoon we visited the North Carolina Museum of Art to see an exhibit of Landscapes by French and American Impressionists. The paintings could only be surpassed by witnessing God's creative touches in the natural landscapes seen on our way to and from Raleigh. The mountains were beautiful--well dressed in their fall colors with just enough mist to know why they're called the Smokey Mountains. The prettiest strectch of color, however, was between Knoxville and Nashville.

Tom and I were extraordinarily blessed last Friday morning to go with Marty and Kevin for a three dimensional ultra sound. What amazing technology that is. I hadn't seen an ultrasound until Liz took me with her this past summer, but the 3-D is even more exact. We could actually see eyelashes, the slope of his nose and multiple Karate type poses. I cried as I observed his movements and Marty holding onto her daddy's hand during the process. I'll never forget the smile on his face, though mine was just as big.

It was good to see Marty healthy and happy; to see her using the talents God has given her; to hear her play and sing; it was good to be in her home. She is a special young woman and I'm so glad she is my daughter and friend.

Pastor Margaret

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