Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's a cool, rainy day, but nobody is complaining. The drought in North Carolina is reported to be the worst in a hundred years and they need all that's coming down and then some. I'm told that West Tennessee is getting soaked as well. Maybe I can dig in the ground and plant some bulbs when we get home.

The first leg of this part of our trip took us to Nashville to a Parkinson's symposium at Vanderbilt University. Four physicians from the neurology department gave 30 - 45 minute presentations followed by a question and answer period. The information was excellent and I was impressed by what they knew, how well they could articulate their knowledge and the vast amounts of reasearch that is being done right there at Vanderbilt. There were about 250 in attendance: many with Parkinson's and the rest family members or friends. Those with the disease represented various stages and looking around, we couldn't help but be thankful for where we are in the process.

We drove as far as the foothills of the Smokey Mountains on Saturday, rested well and continued our trip Sunday. It was a beautiful day. Sun reflecting on the leaves made the fall colors even more spectacular. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves when we noticed both lanes of traffic as far as we could see in front of us were barely moving or completely stopped. That continued for the next two hours. By then we were tired of leaves, leisure travel and were ready to grab a bite, fill up with gas and finish the trip.

We have rested, shopped some, eaten well and are having a great visit. This afternoon we made a trip to a neighboring community so we could shop at Trader Joe's. We had introduced Marty to TJ's when she came to see us in California and it was always a stop she had to make before coming home. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. It was good to stock up on cereal, trail mix, nuts, two buck Chuck and a few other favorites. The other thing we did this afternoon was go buy Marty a sewing machine so I could "teach her how to sew" while I'm here. I'm sure my mother is chuckling and smiling down on this sight. She was the expert seamtress in our family. I'm flattered to be asked, but my skills are sadly lacking.

Tom has done remarkably well with all the travel and unfamiliar surroundings. Spending time with Marty is good medicine. How I wish we could shrink the space between home and here and between home and friends across the country.

We'll head for home in a few days and a few days after we get there we'll welcome a new granddaughter into the family. Please join us as we pray for Liz and baby Elisa's safe delivery.

Pastor Margaret

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Jan McGilliard said...

Hi Margaret and Tommy,

I've just caught up w/your blog after several weeks of being occupied with the decline and passing of Mike's mother....only to read those dreaded words about more treatment for you. So sorry this is happening and know it's part of the deal when the cancer plays hide and seek. Know how sorry I am and how inspired I am by your amazing spirit about it all. Know you're both loved and prayed for. Love, Jan