Sunday, October 07, 2007

My day started with a phone call from my son. He had the stomach bug and wanted to know if I'd take his place as the liturgist for the eleven o'clock worship service. It is World Wide Communion Sunday and every part of the service focused on that. Why, of course I would. I love to lead worship whatever part I'm given. As I read my Bible even earlier than the phone call, I thought about the diversity of the Church and that especially today brothers and sisters in Christ would worship, mindful of one another, and celebrate the Lord's Supper in my languages in many different types of settings. World Wide Communion Sunday is a day that exhibits Church as it is meant to be.

Our pastor's sermon moved me to tears as I listened to him, kept up with the Scripture in John 17 (1, 6-23) and thought about the unrest in our denomination. Reading the Scripture had been one of my contributions to the service and I noticed that Jesus prayed over and over that believers would "be one" as He and His Father are one. The pastor referenced a sermon preached by Max Lucado at an early Promise Keepers gathering at the Georgia Dome and said that when the service concluded with the Lord's Supper, several left and did not participate because of the diversity of beliefs that separate us. That made me sad and I remembered the times I have been excluded from the table because my belief didn't coincide with theirs or the times I have excluded myself for the same reason. Yet, Jesus prayed that believers might be one just as He and His Father are one.

I'll never approach a World Wide Communion Sunday in the same way again. I believe that God's Word is Truth. I believe that there is but one way for salvation--belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that the Holy Spirit indwells believers and is the presence of God within us. If I believe as I say I do and am not willing to compromise the teachings of God's Word, then I am compelled to pray along with Jesus that I will be one with other believers--as far apart as we may be.

Pastor Margaregt

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Clifford said...

Powerful post, Mrs. S. Gave me a bit to think about today.

Hope you're doing well. Aren't you glad none of your daughter's friends show up at 10:30pm at your house anymore? :D