Saturday, November 03, 2007

Yesterday we welcomed a new granddaughter into the family. Elisa Leigh was born at 2:25 p.m., weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz. and is 20 1/2 inches long. Just like her brothers and sisters, her daddy, aunt and grandparents she has very little hair. When Liz when in yesterday morning the baby was back in breech position so a C-section was performed. Both mother and baby girl are doing well.

Tom and I spent a good bit of the day in the waiting room, but came home to catch our breaths about four after they finally let us in recovery to see Liz and Elisa. The other four children had been anxiously waiting all day to see their momma and to meet the newest baby sister. A college age friend made the cutest tee shirts--they were green with "hand turkeys" drawn on them with puff paint. Each finger had one of the children's names written and there was a designation of big sister or brother also. If my technology was up to snuff I'd include a picture. We went back to the hospital in the early evening so we could be there when Tommy brought the children.

Packed in the room were Liz, her mom, big Elisa (the friend for whom baby Elisa is named), Tom, Tommy, Jake, Sarah, Drew, Meredith, Lauren (our college friend) me and finally they brought the baby from the nursery. Jake was a little quiet, concerned and anxious to know that his mom was alright and proud to show the others he knew how to hold the baby. Sarah was full of smiles showing off a space in her mouth where she had lost a tooth the night before, but assuring me that she could still chew gum. (As a dutiful grandmomma I always carry gum for them.) Drew with his usual response when Liz asked him about his day at school: "Fine and I'm still on purple." (That's the color representing the best conduct level.) Mer was happy to see everyone in one place and kept reminding us that her momma had a boo boo on her tummy. Each child had a turn holding the baby. We cannot put into words how grateful we are for family and our having the privilege to be in the midst of all that joy.

Only Marty was missing, but Tommy, Liz and I talked with her throughout the day. I even called her just to say we were still waiting. It was a family affair and accross the miles it was the only way I could share. I wanted her there and will feel the same way in January when we're with them for the birth of their baby and Tommy is not.

Tom's dad used to sit at our dining room table, look around at our family and say, "Just think. I started all of this." He was so proud and happy. As we left the hubbub at the hospital for the peace and quiet of home we knew the feeling. Our children have blessed us beyond measure with their love and respect, their caring and consideration. Then there are the grandchildren--the icing on the cake. Family--God's gift and now the time to enjoy them and be a part of their lives.

Pastor Margaret

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katy said...

I think your family needs the sign I bought awhile back...."All because two people fell in love." I personally think that sums up everything there is to love about a big family.