Friday, November 16, 2007

Today was the day. It was my fourth encounter with chemotherapy: once for breast cancer and the third time for ovarian. I'm practically an old pro--not something to which I aspired. A couple from the Thursday Bible study took us and in spite of our reason for going we had a good time with them.

The leaves just seem to get more beautiful, aided by a couple of nights below freezing this week. Tom and I just sat back, enjoyed the scenery and visiting with new friends. Bill is in his mid to late eighties and continues to go on mission trips to Mexico annually. He is a retired college professor and coach, having been on the basketball coaching staff at Florida, teacher and crosscountry coach at the Citadel for twenty years, and continued teaching and working on a research project at Wake Forest. After retirement he was the executive director of Habitat for a while. His wife is a beautiful white haired lady whose teaching career was with third graders. They moved here almost twenty years ago to be near an adult daughter who needed their presence. Bill has Steven's Ministry and hospice training. If a family member couldn't be with us, who more understanding that Bill could sit with Tom? We are blessed to have these new friends.

The treatment went well--no surprises and so far, no side effects other than sluggishness from the nausea medication. We will both sleep well tonight. I go again December 14.

Thank you for your prayers, your love and support and the gift of your friendship. You are special to us both.

Pastor Margaret

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