Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today is my kind of day. The sun is shining, there is a slight breeze, baseball is on TV and I have energy to attack projects that have long been buried.

Our lawn service men came Thursday for their regular cutting service and to do all the clean up things that needed to be done in the areas all around our house. They worked five hours and then had to take all the cuttings and debris to the dumping site when they left here. The men pruned and trimmed, dug up and propped up and the results are amazing. They cleaned out the raised bed at the back of the yard and I have been watching the sun all day so as to determine how much actual sunlight it gets. Most of the privet is gone! The only thing they didn't accomplish was pruning a large crepe myrtly at one corner of the house. It had put on too much new growth so we'll have to wait until Fall for that.

Now the dilemna is what I shall plant where. I'm debating about tomatoes, wondering if I'd be better off to rely on the "Tomato Lady" at the Farmers' Market. For sure we'll have a few herbs--parsley, basil, thyme, maybe dill. Lantana is a must. It's hardy, blooms well and attracts butterflies. It is a perenneal in Mississippi, but is more of an annual here. I'll probably put annuals in the front where some shrubs had to be removed and replace the shrubs in the Fall. How refreshing to be able to turn one's thoughts to the yard and away from health issues!!

Earlier today I took the iron patio furniture off the back porch, hosed it down and gave it a good brushing. After it dried, I sprayed it with black, rust resitant paint. That's a project that's been buried for a "loooong" time and it's good to have it done. The cushions I bought last summer should look nice on freshly painted chairs.

There is pastry dough chilling so I can make a strawberry pie. I just hope the berries taste as good as they look. Somehow it never seems like Saturday if I don't bake something or get ready for Sunday dinner, however the strawberry pie won't last past tonight's supper.

As I sit by the window watching the birds at the feeder in the freshly manicured yard, I can't help but be thankful that I have energy to even think about yardwork and to enjoy our Saturday. It's so much better to think of what I can do than what I cannot. I hope you have a special weekend and that you will have an opportunity tomorrow to worship our Creator.

Pastor Margaret

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Barb Menet said...

Margaret - it was so good to talk with you today! I miss both you and Tom. Let me know if I can be of anymore help.