Thursday, April 23, 2009

My daughter can be described as a serious blogger. She knows the lingo, has a large following, has attended a couple of blogger conferences/conventions and at times gets nice perks. For instance, recently the publicity folks at a family resort contacted her to offer an overnight stay with all expenses paid in return for her writing about them on her blog. That's a pretty nice perk! She has also made some good friends on the internet--some she has met in person; some not, but they are friends who have supported her in both the bad times and the good. That may be the best perk of all.

A blog Marty posted one day this week made me think about what I write and how often I post. Originally, this site was started so friends and family could keep up with us when we were in the midst of medical misery. Our children birthed it and faithfully kept it going until we moved and got semi-settled in Tennessee when the task fell to me. Now I write mainly as a means to keep up with those same friends and family who started reading in the beginning. For me blogging is a means of communicating, though I'm aware that for many others it is so much more.

Marty and a blogger friend and their little boys had a play date one day last week and the question was asked if quantity or quality was most important when blogging. Had I been present for the discussion, I might have said that a more important question for me is: why do I blog? Good grammar, proper sentence structure, correct spelling have always been high on my list of priorities, so in that sense, quality is important. If quality means content, I'm not so sure my writing is up to par. I write about the things that matter to me: children, grandchildren, God's creation, what God is doing in our lives. Just because these things matter to me doesn't mean you care to read about them. As I've gotten older, I've begun to write like I talk and that doesn't always translate into proper sentence structure; plus, there is no spell check available--quality is questionable. As for quantity, I try to post at least once a week--depends on what there is to say.

Possibly I need to be more diligent in posting. Certainly there is room for improvement in the content. Once again, one of my children has made me think.

Pastor Margaret

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Bubblewench said...

She made me think too. Also reminded me that personally, I read blogs for the people behind them, not for how great their writing skills are.

To me, the people are what's important.