Friday, May 01, 2009

The last post began with the words: Today is my kind of day. I can say the same about today, but wouldn't mean the same thing. Today's weather is rainy and stormy. No, my pleasure in today has to do with our visit to the oncologist in Corinth. It had been five weeks since my last visit and I wasn't sure what to expect.

Scans had indicated that the disease was still present, but had not progressed and that I had irritation in my lungs caused by the chemo. Dr. Reed put me on medication for the lung problem and said he would let my body rest and recheck my blood work in four or five weeks. Well, the meds have helped my lungs and I feel much better. Still, we never know what's inside and knew that my CA125 had actually risen, rather than fallen following the last treatment. Today we learned that it has gone down and heard those "hoped for" words: We're going to continue to let your body rest and hold off treatment. Tom and I could only say a thank you to God and smile a lot. We didn't hear the remission words we would have liked, but we were happy with what we heard.

Many, many thanks for your prayers and support. God just keeps on providing for our everyday needs and certainly for all of those which are not so "everyday."

As I write I'm thinking of the 200 or so women who are assembling at this very moment for a weekend retreat at Woodleaf Conference Grounds in Northern California. The last time I was there was 2006 when I had been asked to speak on "Through the Wilderness." Even though I knew when I went for the weekend that I had an elevated CA125, I had no way of knowing that I would hear news within the next couple of weeks that would radically change our lives forever. Preparing for that retreat was one of God's ways to prepare me for what happened next on our journey. I knew then and I know now that God is faithful and never leaves me nor does He forsake me. As long as I draw breath I will continue to proclaim that faithfulness and tell of God's provision.

Pastor Margaret

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