Sunday, December 30, 2007

We have all overdosed on football and the SEC has just begun to play! Yesterday afternoon we gathered at Tommy's with Mississippi State cheese, crackers, chips and dip to watch our beloved bulldogs win the Liberty Bowl! Go Dawgs! Hail, Dear Ole State! Whatever. As one sports writer kindly put it, "State has had a dormant football program for the last several years" and it's been fun to watch a new coach come in and build a team. Needless to say, our plans for the next few days involve lots more football--and, of course, lots more food.

My sweet husband has had a hard week. He began the week being tired and has gone downhill from there. On Wednesday he lost his balance and fell over backwards. I tried once to help him off the floor, but was afraid I'd get him half way up and he'd fall again because he couldn't help himself. Being around the corner from family helped once again since Tommy was here within minutes when I called him. Tom was just lying on the floor grinning and telling us that he would have been able to get up eventually. The next day we went in the garage to get laundry detergent, he bent over slightly and his back went out. When that happens he does back exercises, rests and just waits for it to get better. This time, however, it seems the getting better is taking longer than it should. It's a good thing we're retired and have nothing to do this week but watch football.

We did have good news right before Christmas and I forgot to report. I guess I thought everyone everywhere heard me shout "Hallelujah" when I talked to the nurse at the cancer clinic. The blood test that is a marker for cancer activity, the CA125, went down from 52 before my first treatment to 27.8 the day of my second one. We are praying that it will continue to go down and praising God that the chemo is doing its job.

I preached this morning in the neighboring town where I was the first Sunday of the month. This time, however, I was on time. In fact, I was there early enough to show a choir member how to copy something from her hymnal. I love being able to lead God's people in worship! The pastor at this little church is a dear friend and I have now preached for him three times so I'm beginning to learn people's names and something about some of them. Being with them reminds me of how much I miss the parish ministry.

It's late and my helper comes early in the morning. Mainly I wanted to bring you up to date on Tom and share the good news about the blood work. Please continue to pray for Tom and praise God, along with us, for all His mighty works.

Pastor Margaret

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