Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's two days after Christmas and our house is quiet and still. Only the low volume on the TV and the ticking of the grandfather clock can be heard. Tom got up at seven, took his medicine and went back to bed. He needs the rest.

I don't know whether we are adjusting to the new medications or if his symptoms are becoming more troublesome. He seems to be fatigued more and generally doesn't feel good. Days surrounding Christmas Day were full of both normal and holiday activities. We had our family and Liz's parents for dinner Christmas Eve and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. That afternoon we had celebrated Meredith's second birthday--a few days late because she wasn't up to her ususal perky self. By Christmas morning Tom was too tired and after spending about thirty minutes watching the grandchildren open gifts I had to bring him home so he could go back to bed. Sleep helped. Yesterday he fell and felt the effects of the fall for the rest of the day. I hope he can rest well today.

In spite of the interruptions caused by health concerns our Christmas has been memorable. It is our second in our "new" home, but it feels more like the first because last year we were still trying to get unpacked and organized. It's been challenging to try to find all the decorations, fun to use old treasures in new places and exciting to blend new activities with old traditions.

Friday night the grandchildren came to decorate our tree--just like our children did with their grandparents. The ornaments brought back warm memories of family, friends and Christmases past, providing lots of conversation for the adults in the room. The tree was/is the prettiest one we've ever had--I say that every year. It certainly is the most uniquely decorated. Never have we had a section dedicated solely to blue balls. Drew honed in on the blue balls and hung them where he could reach the best--toward the bottom on one side. Yes, it truly is the best tree ever--until next year.

Missing from our sepcial celebration were Marty and her family. "Little Bird," as they call him, is due in four weeks and traveling now is not an option. We look forward to having them all with us next year. The pitter patter of all the grandchildren will drown out the sound of Santa's reindeer on the roof. I can hardly wait!

Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Pastor Margaret

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Bubblewench said...

I am glad to hear you had such a blessed Christmas. I will say a prayer for you & Tom. I hope he is feeling a little better.