Monday, December 10, 2007

Tom's symptoms are getting worse. He knows it. I know it. Our children know it. Fortunately he has a doctor who responds immediately when we call. We have an appointment this morning. For months that are stretching into years I have held onto the possibility that a change in medication and/or dosing would make him almost good as new. And for the months, now year, that we have been here and have been seeing this neurologist Tom's condition has been helped by changes in medication. Now I wonder if he has reached the point all Parkinson's families dread when medicine begins to lose its effectiveness and increases are necessary. It's hard to watch him struggle and it's hard to live with so much uncertainty.

We went to bed Saturday night planning to go to Sunday school and church yesterday. It didn't happen. Most of the time when "he can't make it" I dress and go to one or the other and leave him here. Yesterday was different. He needed so much help getting up and down, in and out of the bed etc. that I couldn't leave him. By late morning he was better and by late afternoon felt like going to the church to help Tommy serve the Session and new elders supper. He did one simple task and froze in his tracks so I helped him sit down, gave him a pill and he sat for about forty five minutes til he got better again. Watching him help me run the dishwasher and clean the kitchen you would never have known how frozen he was just an hour earlier.

The good part of the evening was dinner: Cajun chicken served over cheese grits with sauteed asparagus and cherry tomatoes, salad and biscuits and working with our son and grandson. Jacob is finishing up hours for community service needed for a school project. It's fun to see the reactions of people who eat Tommy's cooking. Some know of his kitchen skills; others don't. I only made the dessert, but received praise right alongside Tommy though I didn't work nearly as hard as he did.

Tomorrow we have good friends coming for the day from Mississippi and we are excited about seeing them. Wednesday evening we hope to go for the children's Christmas pageant at the church and Thursday we plan to go for brown bag Bible study. We never know until the last minute if we'll make it for the Wednesday or Thursday things. Friday is treatment day in Corinth. I'm praying for a turn around in Tom's condition before then. He won't even talk about not going with me. We have a busy week and we need your prayers.

May you experience the blessings of God as you make your preparations for the celebration of Christ's birth. He truly is the Reason for the Season.

Pastor Margaret

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