Thursday, January 03, 2008

Football is interfering with my bedtime. I've had too many late nights watching games that turned out to be really lopsided from beginning to end. So why do I watch? I have this crazy thing about me that likes to see things finished. If I am watching a game, I want to see it all. I want to know who wins tonight--not read it in the paper tomorrow. If I'm watching a movie, I have to see it through until the end. If I have a nightmare, I can't go back to sleep until I have made up a satisfactory conclusion and I'm safe. Tom, on the other hand, leaves the game or the movie when he's sleepy or when it's his self imposed bedtime. Sometimes I wake him if the game gets exciting or to tell him who won. If we are watching a "whodunit," he can leave it just as the plot thickens. He may or may not ask in the morning what happened. I have to know now! I'm just curious that way.

Today I attended my first meeting in this presbytery as a member of Committee on Ministry. I served on COM in Sacramento Presbytery and was interested to discover the similarities and the differences in the way the two presbyteries run this committee. One difference is in the way new ministers are interviewed. In Sacramento small groups of volunteers from the committee took care of all interviews. Here, the entire committee does the interview. We had two ministers come before us today--one for an interim position, one for an installed position.

As I listened to them answering the questions on the Bible, theology, pastoral care and polity I found myself wondering how I would answer the same questions. I wondered how my answers today would compare to what I would have said five years ago. (That's not curiousity, but self reflection.) As God's people we should never be satisfied with what we learned yesterday, but rather keep our minds and hearts open so that we can learn what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us today. I was silently grateful for all of those who have taught me by their words and their example and for the experiences God gave me at FOPC.

The game is almost over. Tom went to bed about two hours ago and has been out at least six times to see when I'm coming. Each time he asks and I give him a brief replay of what has happened. I've already checked the TV schedule for tomorrow night and there is no game listed. Maybe I'll get to bed earlier. We both hope so.

Pastor Margaret

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eliz said...

Just wanted to say how much fun I had with you today and we are so blessed to have you close enough for a "cup of sugar" at any time.