Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Blogs

There have been no blogs coming from this source in several days. Marty and family came last Tuesday evening and were here until about noon on Saturday. Everything was put on hold while they were here except those things which were absolutely essential. They returned to Raleigh last night, being so tired of the car they don't want to be in it again for a while. I can understand why. Big sister Mallory is a delightful young lady--very polite, very helpful and a natural with the little boys. Christopher is busy! I see a lot of his mother in him. Colin is precious and his smiles kept us wrapped around his little fingers. Honestly, I don't know how Marty gets anything done! We loved having them visit and look forward to the next time.

Marty and Colin went to Corinth with me for treatment last Friday while Tom stayed here and went to the train museum with the others. I didn't realize that OSHA doesn't allow children under age 12 in the infusion room because of the danger of toxic substances/fumes. The nurse did let Marty and Colin come back to survey the surroundings, meet the personnel then they went back out front. I love the nurses and techs and wanted Marty to see for herself just how great they are.

Yesterday Tom and I had six month dental checkups. I have never looked forward to a dental appointment as much as I did that one. I have had a sensitive section in my mouth for a little over a month and was anxious to get it seen about. Unfortunately, it's a rather large cavity that needs a crown to fix it---or a root canal---or just pull the tooth. We won't know until the drilling begins and to do that, I have to have an okay from the oncologist because of one drug I'm taking. I'm waiting to hear back from him now, but have an appointment for Friday, with the hope it will be okay.

Our around the corner grands were gone for a week to see their Mimi and Pop in Natchez. They had a terrific time and the weather was perfect for playing outside. Liz's parents live on a lake across the Mississippi from Natchez and spend lots of time fishing when they are there. Sarah, who is nine caught a 4 1/2 pound catfish! I'm glad they could go and have such a good time, but we did miss them.

Preparations are beginning to wind down as the church I have been supplying is in the final stages of calling a pastor. We have such mixed emotions! In the year that we have been there, we have become very attached to the members. Their encouragement, support and prayers have sustained us in some really difficult days this year. On the other hand, we are glad that they will have an installed pastor to help them on their journey. Tom and I will return to 1st Pres, Jackson and get re-involved here. I have taught a women's circle all year and hope to offer a small group experience during the summer. There may be an opportunity for another temporary supply call, but the church mentioned is over an hour's drive from here and I'm reluctant to take that on. God has blessed us with our Humboldt friends, we will miss them and I will miss the ministry!

That's about it for today. We are still basking in the glory of Easter and trying to live as Easter people in this Good Friday world.

Pastor Margaret

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