Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally . . .

It's been a long time since I've had much to say. My mind has been going down a thousand paths trying to focus, to not complain and to be an encourager. Obviously, I've been too busy complaining to focus or to encourage. Guess it's time to catch up.

Tom continues to improve within the parameters that are possible. I listened yesterday as the OT came to evaluate him. I think what he (the therapist) knows about Parkinson's could be put on a pin head. He asked if Tom had a problem with strength and balance and I thought: "Of course he does. He has Parkinson's." Yet, Tom's upper body strength has improved greatly and his endurance increases. Often, he has more than I. He went with me to church on Sunday, to the dentist Monday, sat in the car while I got a haircut Tuesday then we went to Target, to church supper Wednesday and today he wanted to got to Lowe's or Home Depot to buy a mailbox. I asked who we might get to install and he said he thought he'd do it himself. I intentionally didn't make it to the store so he wouldn't get outside with his shovel. He had a good workout with the physical therapist late in the afternoon, but now I see the "tired" on his face.

The tooth saga is finally being resolved. It's about time. Last week when I saw the oncologist, he was surprised I still had tooth problems. Somewhere in all the consultations, someone forgot to let me know the final decision to let me go ahead to fix my tooth. That meant no infusion or complete visit with the doctor, changing to tomorrow. I made an appointment with the dentist, he cleaned out the tooth, put in a temporary filling and is sending me to an oral surgeon next Thursday to have a root canal. After that I'll return to the dentist to have impressions made for a crown, wait a while, and get that put on the tooth. Lots of time in the chair and lots of money taken from our bank account. The best part is I have no tooth pain and ice cream is once again in my diet!!

The time has offically come for us to say "goodbye" to the Humboldt congregation. This past Sunday the Pastor Nominating Committee reported to the congregation and recommended approval of the pastoral call. We are pleased for them, but sad to be leaving them. We have been surrounded by a loving group of people, people we went to help, but who have helpted us much more than we have helped them. One of the interesting things is that I was drawn to send them my information form when they were searching for their last pastor. What I didn't know was that my good friend who named me as one of his references had already sent his information. When someone from the church called to get a verbal reference for him, I crossed them off my list. Had I known how special the people are, I would have sent my information anyway. God works in mysterious ways!

I love it when Tommy asks me to pick up Jacob from school as he did today. Jake will be 14 in June and it's hard to realize he's gotten this age and that he's taller than I am. He doesn't say much when we go to his house, but he talks a lot when we're in the car by ourselves. The little boy sweetness is present and he tells me some of the things going on with him. When I reflect on how the years have flown, I think about the youngest of our grandchildren, Christopher and Colin. I wonder if I'll see them at Jacob's age. Will we be around? Our grandchildren are one of the grandest gifts God has given. Each is special in his or her own way and we love them very much.

Trust in God; believe that He is able to do the things He has promised; and keep your hand in His. I have to remind myself that where my children and grandchildren are concerned I need to trust God to care for them, to believe that He loves them more than I and to trust God to care for them.

Pastor Margaret

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