Monday, April 05, 2010


Yesterday was Easter, the highlight of the Christian year. Since I have only been ordained a little more than ten years and since my years as an installed pastor were spent as an associate, I have never preached the Easter sermon before yesterday. I was so excited to share the good news that I could hardly wait!!!! I may never get to make the "He is risen" proclamation again. I wanted everyone to know how that knowledge guides and informs my life! It was a glorious day!!

Our grands around the corner have gone to Mississippi to spend time with their other grandparents and our grands from North Carolina don't arrive until tomorrow. We didn't dye or hide eggs, we didn't buy candy and we didn't have a big Easter dinner. Instead, we napped off and on all afternoon and Tommy came about seven for supper. We cooked steak and baked potato and I made lemon icebox pie for dessert. It was quiet and easy. But I missed family!!

Tommy took the week off to refinish the floors in their den and hall. Times like this I wish I had the energy I used to have so I could help him. He did say that I could come with a dust rag and help get up the fine film the sanding leaves on everything.

The NCAA Basketball Championship is being played tonight. Who would have thought it would have been Butler vs. Duke? Butler has been one of those "in the wings" teams, biding their time until they made it all the way? The tournament games have been interesting to watch, though the SEC imploded. As much as I love college basketball, I do not believe in "anything goes" to make a winning team and I suspect two coaches I will not name, are guilty of winning above all else. May the best team win!

Our dogwood in the front is in full bloom. It will be a welcoming sight when Marty and Kevin drive up tomorrow--so will the purple weeds. We learned last Friday that our yard man has gotten out of the yard business and we missed the letter. Now we're in the process of trying to find a new person. Last week I bought new yard toys so hope the yard can be cut so the children can play outside.

Easter brings excitement, Spring brings beauty and being with our family is best of all!

Pastor Margaret

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