Friday, February 05, 2010

Wake the Town and Tell the People!

This morning the long awaited time came: Tommy and I went to the nursing home, picked up Tom and brought him home. Our additional new helper, Kia, was here waiting for us and they hit it off right away. Checking out of the home was painless, very quick and filled with smiles and hugs. I found Tom waiting at the nurses' station and rolled him down to his room so I could collect his belongings. I was met by the director of environmental services who said that they were getting ready to pack Tom's things and he just needed to ask a couple of questions. He said that packing, putting in the car were both part of their services. How nice! They even sent us home with a wheel chair just in case the one ordered for Tom didn't arrive today.

The only glitch in the trip home was unavoidable. As soon as my wheels started rolling Tom was telling me he wanted to stop at the Dairy Queen on the way. I noticed an unusual amount of traffic and about then my phone rang. It was Tommy, driving behind me and calling to say he had heard on the radio that there was a big wreck up ahead of us. By then I was committed and headed to DQ. As we crept ahead, I made a plan to get in and out quickly and another for an alternate route home. Problem number one: a non-functioning traffic light, but we made it. Problem number two: whatever caused the traffic light problem caused the electricity at DQ not to function either. It was sort of laughable. We took the alternate route home and Tommy made his dad a vanilla malt and all was well!

Most of Tom's day was spent curled up in his chair napping. He was a sight for sore eyes sitting across the room from me. I didn't realize just how much I had missed being at home with him. When Tommy picked up Jake from school, they dropped by to bring Tom's favorite donuts; when Liz , Sarah and Drew got out of school, they stopped and said hello; later they brought supper and the two youngest, Meredith and Elisa. Tom had seen all of the children during his time away except Elisa and it was a joy to behold when they spotted one another.

There were frustrating moments as well when he would insist he could walk to another room when he could not. It was as if he was saying: I'm home, I'll stand up when I want and don't tell me what to do. He's home, but he's not "home free," and there are still dangers of falling. I lost my patience with him more than once. I'm sure I frustrated him.

The main thing, however, is that we are home! And, oh, so grateful!

Pastor Margaret


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