Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time Flew

Where has the week gone? It wasn't full of errands or chores, but there have been preparations to make. We didn't do much more for Valentine's Day than wish each other a happy one--didn't even see the grandchildren. Monday, it snowed all day, but we managed to make it to a doctor's appointment, make a quick stop at the grocery store and get ice cream at DQ. Slippery roads cancelled Session that night. By Wenesday the ice and snow was melted enough for us to have church supper. I know people from colder regions think that we are real wimps when it comes to ice and snow, but we're really not equipped to manage. Thursday night I led a training for small group leaders at 1st Church, Jackson. Then, of course, tomorrow's sermon had to be prepared.

This winter I've been preaching the gospel passages in cycle C of the Lectionary, but got out of sync when we missed worship once because of bad weather and another when I had the flu or whatever it was. I should be at the beginning of the passages focusing on Lent, but instead I'm at Luke 5:1-11, Luke's account of the calling of the first disciples and the big catch of fish. All four gospel writers tell of the calling of the disciples, but each in a slightly different way. Only Luke ties that with the big catch of fish that weighed down the nets and the two boats where they dumped them. I have been fascinated with the passage and the extraordinary message it presents. Simon Peter never fails to allow us to identify with him and I'm prompted to examine myself and ask forgiveness for my pride, impetuousity, and failures. Simon responds to Jesus' instruction with a complaint before he obeys. He tells Jesus when he is told to put the nets out in the deep water that they've already tried that, but he'll do it anyway. The nets fill to overflowing. Did Simon Peter suddenly learn a new casting technique? Was his skill so improved? Neither. He was successful in his endeavor because of his obedience to Jesus. It goes with the saying: Jesus doesn't call the equipped. He equips the called. There's so much more; so much food for thought in the coming days.

Tom's progress continues, but so does his lowered blood pressure. Some mornings he seems to be too weak to put one foot in front of the other, but as the day goes one, he gains strength. He is responding well to his therapy, still eating well and "chomping at the bit" to resume his previous activities. He gets a little perturbed with me when I put my foot down!

We celebrated our 43rd anniversary this past week--truly the highlight of our week. Next week we wish Marty a Happy Birthday--thirty something or other--and also remember Colin as he turns one month. We do love February!

Jesus calls us to lay aside all that we have to follow him. He calls us to a life of obedience. In return our nets will be full to overflowing with his blessings in our lives.

Pastor Margaret

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