Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

The week began with an impromptu visit to the doctor. Tom was having too many dizzy spells in the mornings and his blood pressure was running too low, too consistently. A slight change was made in his medications and I have thought the problem was a bit better. He had every intention to go to church with me today, but didn't feel like it this morning. The sitter told me this afternoon that he was dizzy several times while I was gone. This afternoon he's been fine.

I had a treatment Friday--no big deal, but I did learn that I was beginning the sixth round in this set of treatments. That's good to know--I was a little confused beause several things have made the schedule inonsistent. At the end of these I'll go for scans etc. and see just how effective the treatments have been.

When I got home from church Kia, daytime sitter, and Tom said Liz had called to see if we wanted some barbeque and baked beans for lunch. I never turn down Tommy's barbeque! He has perfected his technique and it is delicious. I had a cabbage so I made slaw to send home with Liz when she brought the meat and beans. So good. After a quick nap I called Sarah and told her and Drew to come on down to play. It was a beautiful afternoon to play outside. They came, played in the back for a while, then came in to play board games and have a snack. We both loved watching them sit on the floor, eat popcorn and giggle. They got a kick out playing a game that is "older than dirt." Funny how simple things can be so enjoyable--a simple game for them to play and a simple scene of grandparents watching grandchildren.

Bad weather and another week when I was under the weather caused a delay in our Lenten sermons. I spent many hours last week reading, researching and meditating over the Scripture of today. I am more convinced than ever that more attention needs to be paid to Old Testament scriptures if we are to comprehend the New. It hasn't been too long since the Church observed Advent, a time when I feel overwhelmed with the knowledge that such a simple, precious baby could be the almighty Son of God. He was born a humble birth to a humble family and at the same time was God Incarnate. Now, we have begun our observation of Lent and focus attention on the suffering servant, the mighty one who gave his all for me. The very thought often leads me to tears. What? He did that for me? God so loved the world; God so loved me. The love and compassion Jesus has for the world is just as personal. Jesus loves me; Jesus cares for me.

Amazing Grace!
Pastor Margaret

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